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    Tournament of Kings Army - Need Advice

    Before I go ahead and post the army list, I need to explain whats the ToK is. It is a month long tournament or so held at my local GW to increase sales, but what the hell it's fun, and I need the guard so I figured I'd join so these are the rules.

    You are allowed to buy 1 battleforce (the $90), and an additional squad (cannot be a MC or vehicle). You are also allowed to max out the squads from the battle force. The games will be victory point based and all that matters is you get more than your opponent.

    I personally think the guard will have an advantage because of the Leman, very few armies will have the abilitys to take it down. I also can rely on a large amount of troops to soak up enemy fire.

    While taking victory points into account I haven't fully upgraded everything but here is what I have so far.

    Leman Russ w/ Smoke, Extra Armour, Pintel StormBolter, TrackGuards
    hard to take down - concentrate on anti infantry
    Junior Officer w/ Honorifica, PowerWeapons, StormBolter & 4 guardsmen
    as no other army is able to take an HQ having a HSO equal is awsome.
    10 Guardsmen w/ Missle & Grenade Launcher
    10 Guardsmen w/ Missle & Grenade Launcher
    10 Guardsmen w/ Missle & Grenade Launcher
    5 man remanent squad
    decent amount of men to soak up fire while laying down some of their own
    Heavy Weapon Platoon w/ 3 auto cannons
    Originally I was going to do lascannons or heavybolters, but autocannons provide a decent AP and a high strength to pop those light transports other armies are sporting

    I am not sure of the extra unit to add, I was even thinking getting more shock troops and adding a 2nd platoon. Let me know what you think, and any tactics or changes you think would be beneficial. I know for a fact there is going to be a couple SM, and a necron player.

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    Just so ive got it right,the list is made up of the battleforce and an extra box of guardsmen yeah? Looks pretty decent for a start given the restrictions other races are going to have.

    Do you then have to buy other boxes etc? is there a limit on type of box, cost etc?

    Apologies if im being dense here!

    He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man- S. Johnson

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