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    1k Tournament list, Elite troops!

    This will be my first time to partcipate in a tournment, I heard capture objective will be critical in the tournment game. This list is intend to be high mobility, unforturnately I dont have any Chimera, so this is all I can muster... Please Comment.

    Close Order Drill
    Iron Discipline


    Command Platoon
    Command Squad: Missile Launcher, Lasguns (x3); Iron Discipline
    Junior Officer with Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon
    6 man Anti Tank Squad with Missile Launcher
    1 Sentinel with Heavy Flamer


    10 man Veterans with 3 melta gun, Sargeant with Laspistol & Power Weapon
    10 man Veterans with 3 Plasma gun, Sargeant with Laspistol & Power Weapon
    10 man Veterans with 3 Grenade Launcher , Sargeant with Storm Bolter


    2 x 10 man Grenadiers with Plasma Gun and Melta gun

    Heavy Support:

    Leman Russ Battle Tank with Hull Heavy Bolter & Heavy Bolter Sponsons
    Extra Armour

    Fast attack
    Sentinel with Mulit Laser

    Total point: 1000

    I can try to squeeze 1 more flammer sentinal by remove 2 veteren and all powerweapons and Iron Displine, should I do that?

    Thanks in advance for comments.

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    Since you only have 4 doctines used, make the 5th one drop troops cause its free and opens doors for you. Sentinels are good on a deep strike because they dont have to risk landing close to the target, only within 36 or 48" of it. That multilaser sentinel can even be a good tank killer if it lands behind and hits the juicy AV10 with a multilaser.

    It would help if you knew what you would be facing in tournaments, as I could give better advice on what to take to counter the enemy.

    For AT support Squads i prefer lascannons to missile launchers, as they aren't more expesive here, where as all other hws are. 1 point of Str may not seem like much, but when trying to punch through AV14, it more than doubles the chances of killing it. The AP is great for killing terminators, always fun to see the expression on a smurf player's face when his termies pop like grots. If however you are fighting lighter vehicles and lower armour saves than the missile launcher is the better chioce.
    what do you call a lasgun with a laser sight?

    twin linked

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