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    Sparta! Exarch Thomo's Avatar
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    Imperial Fists 1k

    Hi all,

    Am dusting off my SM codex and putting together an Imperial Fists army finally (long time fan of them, just hated painting yellow - this is why I ended up with over 5000pts of Dark Angels in 3rd ed...).
    Now, this probably won't be the standard 'stand and shoot and hold at all costs' Imperial Fist army; instead I am hoping to fulfill their role as siegemasters but from the other angle. This army is going to be themed around assaulting siegeworks and fortifications etc, therefore the majority will be mounted in either Razorbacks or Rhinos to form an 'armoured spearhead' before being supported by deep striking termies etc.
    Now the following is a list of the models I currently have painted/nearly completed (and therefore I am going to use the majority of them, what with a desire to play with a fully painted army and so on)

    Master 142 pts
    Jump Pack, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Power Weapon, Combat Shield, Terminator Honours, Melta-bomb

    Dreadnought 143 pts
    Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Extra Armour, Smoke Launcher

    Tactical Squad (10) 180 pts
    Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, Bolters
    Rhino 58 pts
    Extra Armour, Smoke Launcher

    Tactical Squad (10) 190 pts
    Plasma Gun
    Veteran Sergeant – Bolt Pistol, Power Fist
    Rhino 58 pts
    Extra Armour, Smoke Launcher

    Scout Squad (5) 70 pts
    Heavy Bolter, Bolters

    Assault Squad (5) 140 pts
    Veteran Sergeant – Power Fist

    Now, there are 19 points left over to play around with. I know the army has no form of anti-tank and this will be remedied soon as I can get my hands on a predator kit (or 2) and I will also be adding a couple of whirlwinds to the last.
    I guess my big questions are:
    1) Can this list work?

    2) What changes do you recommend?
    3) What wargear is best?
    4) What would be a good direction to head in from here?
    5) Has anyone had success with units in Razorbacks, and if so how were they equipped?

    Exarch Thomo

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    gunslut pookakitty's Avatar
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    Personally I find masters of limited used, rites of battle doesn't add much to SM as they already have good leadership. A chaplain however would make the assault quad fearless and let them reroll to hit...

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