Here is a list I came up with based on what I have so far, which is all the DW including dread, and the RW attack squadron. I've been playing the doublewing for a while now and starting to like it a lot and learning how to use it effectively.

Please give me any comments or suggestions for this kind of Dark Angels list.

Belial with SB/SoS(DWA with Termi squad 1)

Deathwing 1: x2LC, x2PF, x2SB, AC, Apothocary

Deathwing 2: x2LC, x1TH/SS, CML, x1 SB/PW

Deathwing 3: x3 LC, x1SB/PW, x1 AC, x1CF

Ravenwing Attack Squad: x6 bikes, x1PW, x2 meltaguns, AB w/ MM, Speeder

1 Speeder with MM
1 Speeder with MM

Dreadnaught: ML, PC

Predator: AC, HB sponces
Predator: AC, HB sponces