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    Iron Hands 1850 (Friendly)

    Iron Hands List 1850 pts.

    All Criticism and Critiques welcome, even massive overhauls. Thanks in advance

    Iron Father w/ servo harness, Iron Halo 140pts

    Venerable Dread Cephas 163pts
    Extra armor, smoke
    Drop Pod

    Veteran Squad Cyrus 257 pts
    Sgt. w/ Terminator Honors, Bolt pistol and Power weapon
    Vet w/ Power Fist and bolt pistol
    Vet w/ Power weapon and bolt pistol
    Vets x3 with CCW and BP
    Frag Grenades
    Furious Charge
    Razor back with Heavy Bolters, extra armor, smoke

    TAC Squad #1 Cadfael 215pts
    Sgt. w/Terminator Honors, Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter/ PF
    8x Marines w/ Bolters
    1x Marine w/ Plasma Gun

    TAC Squad #2 Ciaphas 210pts
    Sgt. w/Terminator Honors, Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter/ Power Weapon
    8x Marines w/bolters
    1x Marine w/ Plasma Gun

    Tac Squad #3 Cleopas 178 pts
    Sgt. with Terminator Honors
    6x Marines w/ bolters
    1x Marine w/ Heavy Bolter
    Rhino, smoke,

    Assault Squad Cordite Maximus 265pts
    Sgt w/ Terminator Honors, PF and BP
    7x Assault Marines with CCW and Bolt pistol
    2x Assault Marines with CCW and Plasma pistol

    Devastator Squad Cyrus 170 pts
    4x Marines w/ missile Launcher
    2x Marines w/ Bolters

    Vindicator Sela 133pts
    Smoke, extra armor

    Predator Shamgar 118 pts
    Smoke, extra armor
    AC/HB sponsons

    51troops including HQ
    2 transport
    2 Tanks
    1 Dread

    Minor Notes: I want this fluffy as I play amongst friends. I play against Ork, Black Templar, Cheeze Eldar, Alpha Legion Chaos (Deepstrike terminator squads), Thousand sons, and an all Transport/Heavy Dark Eldar, also coming is a Cheeze Imperial Guard (same guy with Cheeze Eldar). I am not limited by model choice. Feel free to recommend any changes, model wise that is not a problem. (EXCEPT BIKES).
    I have been playing Tau for the last year so any help would be appreciated; I know I am light on armor killing lascannons, so I may have to sacrifice some bodies to fit those in.
    I am not sold yet on the vet Squad, as points might be better spent even though I have some nice custom Vets.
    The idea is the Tac Squad 3 pulls in front of the Vindicator as a screen, the Predator over watches both. The Assault squad and Drop Pod Dread would cover each other. One idea was to give the Vet Squad infiltrate (No Razorback then) and have the assault squad and Dread, then help them secure a table quarter. The two tac squads would support the Devastator squad, until any deep striking threats are gone, then move up if need be to secure or engage any threat near the middle of the table.

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    Vet sargents need powerfists and bolt pistols.

    Give the Iron father a bolt pistol to replace his bolter.

    Personally I am not a big fan of rhinos I think they are too flimsy, but that is just me the front AV 11 just seems insufficient to protect the cargo.

    Maybe drop the vets for another tactical squad and give all the tac squads missile launchers or lascannons. and with the rest give the dreadnaught a heavy flamer or tank hunter.
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