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    700 Tournament - Phantine Skyborne (Last Change)

    Hello there fellow IG players. I am preparing for my first Patrol Tournament and here it's what I came up with. Few things you should know about. We have 700 points Patrols, with restrictions: No characters with 3 or more Wounds, no vehicles with 44 armor total or more or any ordnance shooters. The army organisation is 1 HQ, 1 Troop and optional 3 Troops, 2 Elite, 2 Fast and 2 Heavy. Hope you will enjoy it.

    Phantine Skyborne
    Phantine is mostly covered in corrosive smog and the only habitable areas on the planet are on mountain tops, so the only viable military force on Phantine is an Air Force and elite regiment of drop troops, Phantine Skyborne. Due to the harsh environment, drop troops train their skills with special chem-inhalers to help them breath in hazardous atmosphere and thicker, anti-corrosion armours.
    The elite drop troops are led by General Gabriel Stone, closely advised by Great Commissar Vladimir Dimitreev from Schola Progenium, hero of Phantine, injured in one of many battles that he has fought.
    Phantine Skyborne are use to work in small scattered groups, often deployed beyond enemy lines to pint-point strategic targets for further Phantine Air Force bombardments.

    Drop Troops
    Special Equipment: Carapace Armour
    Special Equipment: Chem-Inhalers
    Storm Troopers
    Close Order Drill

    Points for Carapace Armour and Chem-Inhalers included.

    HQ - 168
    General Gabriel Stone with PW and BP
    Private Praji with Plasma
    Private Tagge with Plasma
    Corporal Tanbris with Med-Pack
    Advisor Great Commissar Vladimir Dimitreev from Schola Progenium with PW, BP.

    Troops - 307
    Command Platton - 107
    Captain Wulf Yularen with PW and BP
    Corporal Derdram with Med-Pack
    Private Suba with Plasma
    Private Venka with Plasma
    Private Ardan with Lasgun

    1st Squad - 100
    Sergeant Bast with LP and CCW
    Privates: Jendon, Davod, Gall, Hebsly, Endicott, Rhymer, Mianda with Lasguns
    Private Neth with Private Brit as Heavy Bolter Squad

    2nd Squad 100
    Sergeant Kian with LP and CCW
    Privates: Pane, Blount, Nunb, Tycho, Walex, Midge, Verrack, with Lasguns
    Private Rieeken with Private Alder as Heavy Bolter Squad

    Fast Attack - 150
    Daemonhunters Grey Knights acting as Fast Attack (in Deep Strike)
    Grey Knight Justicator Brother Mikael with Nemesis PW and SB
    Grey Knights Brothers Bartoleo, Marcus, Jacobus, Matheus with Nemesis Weapons and SB

    Elites - Storm Troopers - 75
    Carnage Squad
    Deep Strike
    Storm Troopers: Jansen, Delevar with Hellguns
    Storm Troopers: Oberk, Avarik with Plasma
    Sergeant Cabbel with Hellpistol and CCW

    I've changed the list a little bit to get it fit to my wallet capabilities
    Any suggestions??


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    Cool idea for an army, I like the fact that you have the whole background to it.

    Storm troopers, drop troops, carapace armour and close order drill - keep them, good choices
    Chem inhalers - They don't really need these. It is possible to have gas masks without added mind altering chemicals, Armageddon and Krieg comming to mind. Personally I don't think this one is worth the points.

    Is this "General" a Senior officer? I assume he as, as you aren't allowed HSOs and a JO general wouldn't make sense, but it would be good if you specified. Also this size of force is hardly even a company, and it would be ambitious to call the leader a Captain. A general would be in command of a much larger force.
    Good squad layout here. The Commissar probably wont produce his points, but his model is cool.

    Platoons are lead by Lieutenants, not Captains.
    Good command squad layout.
    The troops squads need veteran sergeants. With DS scatter you cannot guarantee officer ld, and you have not vox. Also once upgraded its worth the point to give them bolters.
    Whoa! Hold on, deep strikers with heavy weapons but no special weapons? Heavy weapons will not fire until at least turn 3. I would rather see some special weapons in there. For deep striking armies that really want heavy weapons i reccomend sentinels.

    I don't know enough about grey knights to comment.

    Good squad, maybe get another one of these if you find the points.
    what do you call a lasgun with a laser sight?

    twin linked

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