Emperor's champion-100
vow: uphold the honour of the emperor

Terminator armour
Master of sanctity
Storm bolter

Terminator assault squad x5-215
3x lightning claws
2x thunder hammer and storm shield
Furious charge skill

Sword brethren x8-192
lightning claws
power weapon
furious charge skill

Venerable dreadnought-170
twin-linked lascannon
missile launcher
extra armour

Crusader squad x10-164
missile launcher
6x initiates with bolters
2x neophytes with bolters
plasma gun

Crusader squad x10-167
5x initiates with bolt pistols and ccws
3x neophytes with bolt pistols and ccws
power fist

Assault squad x10-243
2x plasma pistols
power weapon and cc shield

Landspeeder Tornado-80
heavy bolter
assault cannon

Predator Annihilator-138
twin-linked lascannon
sponson heavy bolters
extra armour
smoke launchers

Landraider Crusader-268
twin-linked assault cannons
sponson hurricane bolters
smoke launchers

extra armour
smoke launchers

Drop pod-30

total: 1965

the plan is to mount the chaplain nd the termies in the landraider and the cc squad in the rhino covered by the fire support squad then use the assault squad nd the landspeeder to cause mayhem where they can then drop pod the sword brethren in.
What shud i spend the last 35 pts on?

please comment