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    Requesting some help with a 1000 pts list

    Hey everyone, I'm back again!

    Got another game planned this weekend, and I'm doing some wishful thinking that I might get some feedback on what kind of list I should field. Basically, I might be going up agains Zilla 'Nids, Vanilla Tau (Mechs, Fire Warriors and Kroot, just one APC though), Cheese-list orks (new codex) and Necrons (I know from memory that he's got a Lord, Immortals and Warriors, Scarabs and perhaps those big-clawed guys, wearing human skin)

    I'm expecting 1000 point matches, but against Tau, possibly Necrons, It might be a 750 points match.

    So basically, I'm trying to set up a solid list that'll be kind of my Modus Operandi, I really want to take a step away from tanks and focus on quick infantry and bikes, while still retaining some heavy firepower. The only tank I currently have is a Rhino, which I'm not going to field unless I can be thoroughly convinced of it, and the only one I'm planning to ever get is a Whirlwind, 'cause of the Minefields... I might get a Dreadnought one of these days as well, but that's after I've finished painting the figurines I have.

    So anyway, first a little list of what I've actually got in my box. Generally, we play WYSIWYG with some lee-way when it comes to weaponry and gear/wargear. That means that while I do try to list weaponry that's been added to the model, feel free to replace something if you think they ought to have a different combo.

    2 Commanders
    --1 Armed with a Plasma Pistol and a Powerfirst
    --1 Armed with a Stormbolter and a Powersword (Metal)
    1 Chaplain
    1 Librarian
    --Model is Chief Librarian Tigurius, but that's not really a must

    A HQ Squad consisting of
    --1 Apothecary
    --1 Company Standard Bearer
    --1 Company Champion
    --1 Sergeant with TH armed with BP and PowerFist
    --1 Marine with TH armed with BP and Powerfist

    5 Terminators
    --1 Sergeant with SB and PW
    --3 Terminators with SB and PF
    --1 Terminator with Heavy Flamer and PF

    1 Techmarine

    38 Space Marines
    --3 Sergeants with TH, PW and Plasma Pistol
    --3 Sergeants with CCW and BP
    --3 Missile Launchers
    --3 Plasma Gun
    --3 Melta Gun
    --3 Flamethrow
    --20 Vanilla Marines

    5 Scouts, all armed with Sniper Rifles

    -----FAST ATTACK
    9 Assault Marines
    --1 Sergeant with TH, PW and Powershield
    --8 Vanilla CCW and BP

    4 Bikes

    1 Attack Bike

    7( Devastator Marines
    --1 Sergeant with CCW and BP (Don't ask me why)
    --4 Heavy Bolters
    --1 Lascannon
    --1 Plasma Cannon
    --(1 of the Missile Launchers))

    That's what I have, anyway. Of course, I wouldn't post this without a list of my own... which follows here.

    1000 Points lists
    Untraited, good-ol'-vanilla, SMurfs, or whatever you want to call them.


    --Captain - 131 Points
    -Pair of Lightning Claws
    -Artificer Armour
    -Frag Grenades
    -Jump Pack ('cause he's going with the Assaulties in this one)


    --Terminator Squad - 200 points
    -5 Vanilla Terminators


    --Space Marine Squad #1 - 85 points
    -4 Vanilla
    -1 Missile Launcher

    --Space Marine Squad #2 - 120 points
    -8 Vanilla

    ----Scout Squad - 90 points
    -5 Sniper Scouts

    --Fast Attack--

    --Bike Squad - 178 points
    -4 Bikes
    -1 Attack Bike

    --Assault Squad (mmm, 32 Attacks in Assault) - 198 points
    -9 Vanilla Assault Marines


    This is a VERY generic list I made, but there's plenty of adaption-value.

    For example, if I go up against the nids ('though I'm sure it's good against much else), I can put in 135 points (replacing, for example, the Jump Pack and Frag Grenades of the Captain and Vanilla Squad #2, with a 4-man Heavy Bolter + Sergeant team for 125 points)

    All in all, I'm opting for a lot of firepower, but also the ability to go in there and beat the crap out of any guy smaller than a Warboss... well, I think I could take him as well. The Assaults packs one HECK of a punch, as both me and my opponent realized last time, and I'm sticking with them. The captain might not want to be put on the front line in a bigger battle (last time it was 500 points), but then he shouldn't have applied for this job, no? All in all, I see him as, ultimately, expendable if it means bringing down some of the bigger monsters, bosses or whatever else catches my fancy.

    I haven't done a 500 pts list yet, but I'd imagine I'll be able to whip one up right there and then should I need it.

    And yes, tanks. As I mentioned, I don't like them. Many reasons, but that's for another thread.

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    well for starters tanks i see are the best thing since sliced bread, or atleast light armor i run 4 rhinos and 2 razor backs and i eat leman russ's and land raiders for breakfest lunch and dinner, but i admire the all infantry charge

    one thing is you have steps in a very good direction with assault marines against necrons necrons are extremely slow with a 1 initiaves so your jumpers will chew em up, but aginst tau mech force melee is good but, as ive learned good tau mech suit users always give commander that dang self destruct thing and it brings everything except termies around it down.

    against nid zilla army.... melee isnt your BEST option but if you have at least 5 powerfists or a dread noguht which i have and he is piggy backed by a tech priest who can repair him on 3's and has re-rolls. basically put to fight the nid zilla force use las cannons and if the cheap bum of a player (nid player) uses ripper swams have a rocket launcher ready for them and usually in a nid army the carnefex leads the charge so try to remove them since they are the "tank" of the tyranid army

    so all an all i say good list for those 3 armies might evne be enought o challenge other marines

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