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    1500 points Deep Striking List

    Army List

    HQ (310)
    Brother Captain, Psycannon, Teleport Homer
    Retinue of 4 x Terminators, 1 with Psycannon

    Elite (230)
    Inquisitor, Terminator Armour, Psycannon, Power Weapon, Teleport Homer, Emperor's Tarot
    Callidus Assassin

    Troops 1 and 2 (216)
    5 x Inquisitorial Storm Troopers
    1 x Rhino with Smoke Launchers and Extra Armour

    Fast Attack 1 and 2 (450)
    Justicar, Melta Bombs, Teleport Homer, 6 x Grey Knights, 1 with Incinerator

    Heavy Support 1 and 2 (290)
    Grey Knights Dreadnought, TL Lascannon, Missile Launcher, Extra Armour

    Army Total 1496 points

    Idea on Usage

    The Dreadnoughts and Rhinos deploy in cover, everything else is kept in reserve to deep strike. The Callidus uses 'word in your ear' to move a heavy unit into LOS of Dreadnoughts (when they move). Emperor's Tarot gives good chance of +1 to first turn. Idea being that more often than not I will get first turn, move the Dreadnoughts out of cover and bring down the re-deployed unit. If I don't get first turn the Dreadnoughts are still in/behind cover.

    The Rhinos move forward 12", using cover where possible and blow smoke. They aim for cover / securing objectives.

    Everything else deep strikes. The first unit will scatter, but as they all have teleport homers then nothing else will. Callidus will pop up behind HQ/IC, use neural shredder, then assault. At the start of opponents assault phase she will jump back and begin the cycle again.

    I wanted to squeeze an orbital barrage in there as well (probably melta torpedo) just to give an added 'it came out of nowhere' strand to the army (in keeping with deep strike force).

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