I actually made this partially as a joke, partially to see if it would be actually feasible to wield. I tried to do the whole min/max game with it and I think it came out fairly solid. Any and all recommendations appreciated.

I'm actually kinda tempted to try this list on vassal sometime....it seems fun

Saint Celestine: 201

Inq, SB, Psy Hood, Psy Bolts, HoW: 80

Callidus: 120


10 Battle Sisters, 2X SB, VSS, Combiplasma: 149

11 Battle Sisters, 2X SB, VSS, Combiplasma: 150


5X Seraphim, 2x IP, VSS, Plasmapistol, PW, MBs, MBs (squad): 196

5X Seraphim, 2x IP, VSS, Plasmapistol, PW, MBs, MBs (squad): 196

7X Seraphim, 2X Flamer, VSS, Plasmapistol, PW, MBs: 208


Exorcist, EA: 140
Exorcist, EA: 140
Exorcits, EA: 140

Total: 1500

Plan: Sit back with the 3 Exos and threaten any and all armor. Battle sisters will also hang back a little and fire off here and there but will mainly wait until near the end of the game to move to grab objectives. St Celestine will go with one of the 2 5 man Sera squads. The inq will hide and occasionally fire off a few rounds. He's mainly there for the Callie, the Psy Hood, and Hammer of the Witches. I know his LD sucks, but he's cheap and has an easy job as psyker defense. The 2 IP Sera squads will hunt down hiding vehicles and threaten flanks. The Flamer Sera will bounce around torching any weak troops available. And the Callie will make sure something is in LoS for one of the Exos from the beginning, as well as assaulting his deployment area and killing whatever gets in her way.

That's roughly it. Lemme know whatcha think