Oh, land of Marinedom! Hear my plea.
I got to throw down some Dark Angels, points of 500 to be.

1000, 1500, 3000 more.
Over the next few weeks, I gotta blast and charge to score.

My 500 list

Librarian (limit of 2 wounds)
with SB
- Joins the MG squad

Tactical Squads x 2
4 Marine (MeltaG, 3 BG)
Sergeant (BG)

4 Marine (4 BG)
Sergeant (BG)

Heavy Support (limit of 33 total armor points)
Whirlwind (for anti armor)

League forming in three weeks, with time to see how best to deploy/engage/etc.

For the move to 1000, I plan on adding marines to full-up the squads, go with ML and MG in each, SGTs getting melta bombs (last points spent), upgrade from Librarian to Interragator-Chaplain with PF, and a Dev Squad of 10 with 2 ML, 2 Heavy BG, Razorback.

Trying to stay gun-heavy, with capability to engage close range with razors while plummelling the enemy with missiles.

The other extreme was large squads and no tanks. Thoughts? Thanks ahead for the tutelage.