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    New to 40k, 500pt friendly list.

    Hello all, first post. I've found this forum a great resource since a couple of my friends have managed to sucker me into picking up this game, heh.

    I've chosen to go DH because the challenge of learning to use them effectively really appeals to me, plus I like the idea of an army that rewards tactics. Plus, in the future (i.e. at larger point totals) I really like the idea of being able to incorporate IG and/or WH (Seraphims!) to create a balanced force.

    I've read the codex, as well as every thread I could find here on 500pt DH lists, and now I have a couple of list ideas that I'd like to get some feedback on:

    The first is a GK/IST/Dred list:


    Brother Captain = 61pts. (Don't worry the 'to psycannon or not to psycannon' question follows )


    Justicar + 7 Grey Knghts = 225pts.

    8 IST + 2x Plasma Gun = 100pts.

    Heavy Support:

    1 GK Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon + Armor Upgrade = 115pts

    Total = 501pts.

    Question: Is it really worth it to get rid of 3 ISTs (Or a GK and the armor upgrade) to get a psycannon for my BC?

    The second is a IL/GK/IST list:


    Inquisitor Lord w/ Psycannon
    2 Sages
    1 Gun Servitor w/ Plasma Cannon = 140pts


    1) Justicar and 7 Grey Knights = 225pts

    2) 6 IST w/ 2x Melta-gun in Rhino w/ extra armor = 135pts.
    (if anyone wants to make a case for Plasma Guns instead I'm totally open to that also)

    Total = 500pts.

    My natural inclination would be to prefer the second list for its enhanced mobility and the ability to use the Rhino as mobile cover for my GKs, but again I want to hear your thoughts before I decide.

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    Welcome to the DH!

    I think both lists are perfectly workable as is. In the first, it's definitely preferable, when using a naked BC, to get him a psycannon. Having said that, you've packed as much as you can into those 501 pts, and, IMHO, you'd give up too much utility to get that psycannon. Save it for 750 pts.

    Try 'em both out!
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