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    Good army or bad?

    My force of WH's. My question is this: is this army good or bad, if bad how can it be imrpoved, if good then can it be tweaked to be made slightly better against DH's and tyrainds.

    Here is the army:

    HQ- Canoness-95 points
    Power weapon-Inferno pistol-Litanies of Faith

    Elites- Inquisitor-176
    Bolter/stake-power weapon-Rosaruis
    HB Gun servitor
    Sister Hospitaller
    Acolyte- Brazier of Holy fire

    Troops-Battle Sistersx11-154
    VSS-Power weapon

    Troops-Battle sisters-235
    VSS-power weapon- Book of st lucius
    Heavy flamerx1
    Transport-Rhino-Extra armour-Smoke launchers

    Fast Attack-Seraphimx5-147
    VSS-power weapon
    hand flamersx1
    Melta Bombs

    Total- 807

    and thats it so please give some comments and, if needed, how to improve it!

    see my lighting a monolith project..

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    You're off to a pretty good start.

    Spring for the Blessed Weapon or Eviscerator on your Canoness. S3 power weapons just don't kill much. Book of St. Lucius and Cloak of St Aspira are also must-haves for her. She is most commonly fielded with a jump pack in more serious/competitive witchhunter armies.

    Imagifers are generally considered a waste of points, but in a small army with few faith points, it may be worthwhile. A single roll can have a proportionally larger influence as the game size gets smaller.

    As you grow the force you'll want to specialize your inquisitor. Either get all Heavy Bolters or all assault-oriented henchmen. At the moment he is ineffective at both shooting and assault.

    Obviously the only thing in your entire army that will hurt a tank is the outrageously expensive meltabombs on the seraphim. (Anybody who lets a foot-slogging canoness with inferno pistol get within range of their vehicle deserves a smack.) Some melta guns should be a high priority as you add to your collection.

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