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    First Dark Angels list - 1500 pt - friendly

    Interrogator-Chaplain (145 Pts)
    In Terminator Armour (Leading terminator squad)

    5 Deathwing Terminators (245 Pts)
    Assault Cannon
    (Sergeant w/ Lightning Claws)

    Troops 1:
    10 Marine Tactical Squad (255 Pts)
    Meltagun, Missile Launcher
    (Sergeant w/Power Weapon)

    Twin linked heavy bolter, Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter

    Troops 2:
    10 Marine Tactical Squad (255 Pts)
    Meltagun, Missile Launcher
    (Sergeant w/ Power Weapon)

    Twin linked heavy bolter, Pintle-mounted Storm Bolter

    Fast Attack:
    Ravenwing Attack Squadron (315 Pts)
    6 Bike Squad
    Meltagun (x2)
    (Sergeant w/ Power Fist)

    Attack Bike

    Heavy Support:
    10 Marine Devastator Squad (285 Pts)
    Lascannon (x2), Plasma Cannon (x2)
    (Sergeant w/ no special equipment)

    Total points = 1500

    I had a lot of trouble fitting what I wanted into a 1500 point list. I would give the tactical squads power fists if I had the points. I wanted to use a dreadnought too. Please evaluate my list and recommend any changes, or ways to shave off points.
    Is my choice of a meltagun and missle launcher a good one for the tactical squads?

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    You could easily find the points

    Change the devastators weapons to 4 missile launcher, this way you will have 40 spare points, so you can upgrade those power weapons to fists, and missile launchers in you tactical squads to lascannons

    One thing that I don't like in your list is the ravenwing squadron. If you divide them, then you will have a tank hunter squad with meltaguns which is good, and a 3 bike assault squad with power fist which is bad. If you wont divide them then, you a have a big squad which is difficult to hide, can be a good tank hunter, but is to expensive, and suck in CC.

    I would advice to take only one unit of three bikes with meltas, it's enough for the termis to deep strike, and they are a really good tank hunter units. This unit cost 140 points, so you will have 175 point to spare. In this points you could downgrade one of the razorbacks to a rhino, giving you 20 points, and then add two predators with autocannons and double heavy bolters, and possibly dozer blades.
    They will more then make up for the loss of three bikes with power fist and an attack bike, not to mention the heavy bolter on a razorback, and those two will take some fire of your transport.
    Oh and they will give you much needed dakka dakka.

    Hope I helped
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