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    1750 Tournament List

    Hello All,

    Not being the greatest of tourney players i try to build my competitive lists as a balance between fun and force. Something that i would like to use, something with teeth that does not break the spirit of the army as some are won't to do.

    So basic stuff, going for the leadership 10 chain for the entire force. High number of boots on the ground and light artillery with some 'iffy' units that can really give some pause for thought. And of course the armoured speartip.

    Company Command (166pts)
    - Captain: Powersword, Laspistol, Iron Discipline
    - Sergeant-Major: Chainsword, Laspistol, Company Banner
    - Senior Communications Specialist: Master Vox-Caster
    - Mortar Team
    - Commissar: Powersword, Laspitol
    Company Command Assets(350pts)
    - 2 Mortar Support Units
    - 2 Autocannon Fire-Support Units

    Hardened Veterans (173pts)
    - “the Major”: Honourifica Imperialis, Powerfist, Laspistol
    - 2 Meltagun Special Weapon Troopers
    - Grenade Launcher Special Weapon Trooper
    - Missile Launcher Heavy Weapon Team
    - Communications Specialist: Vox-Caster
    * I am aware that this unit is a little against the grain but damn i love the concept

    Red Platoon (354pts)
    Command Squad (86pts)
    - Lieutenant: Powersword, Laspistol, Iron Discipline
    - Field Medic: Medi-pack, Lasgun.
    - Communications Specialist: Vox-Caster
    - Missile Launcher Heavy Weapons Team
    1st Squad (88pts)
    - Missile Launcher Heavy Weapons Team
    - Grenade Launcher Special Weapon Trooper
    - Communications Specialist: Vox-Caster
    2nd Squad (90pts)
    - Lascannon Heavy Weapons Team
    - Communications Specialist: Vox-Caster
    3rd Squad (90pts)
    - Lascannon Heavy Weapons Team
    - Communications Specialist: Vox-Caster
    * some of you will advice to place a special weapon in the lascannon squads i'm just not keen on it, and i have points issues.

    Armoured Fist Squad (181pts)
    - Autocannon Heavy Weapons Team
    - Grenade Launcher Special Weapon Trooper
    - Communications Specialist: Vox-Caster
    - Chimera APC: Multilaser, Heavy Bolter, Extra Armour, Smoke Launchers

    Armour (525pts)
    - Leman Russ: Hull & Sponson Heavy Bolters
    - Leman Russ: Hull & Sponson Heavy Bolters
    - Hellhound
    - Sentinel Squadron: Heavy Flamers, Hardened Fighters

    Army Doctrines: Iron Discipline, Hardened Fighters, Drop Troops, Close Order Drill
    Total Points: 1749

    I have tried to create a force that can be split into three different army units:

    The mainline static fire and area deninal with the command squad, support teams, and infantry platoon. Classic Imperial Guard stuff.

    The Armoured Spearhead in the Russes and Hellhound with the Armoured Fist squad for capturing and holding ground they clear. Typical assault.

    And lastly the Veterans, these guys are to bait the opposing assault units by entering the opponents deployment zone acting very tough, i think they would be a serious thorn in the side if left unchecked, with the infiltrate or drop they can get where they are needed. Long range rear armour raping with the BS4 Missile Launcher. Close up anti-tank/heavy infantry with the meltas (Grenade Launchers is there due to point issues and not willing to take anything from another already very streamlined units). And then to add insult to injury there is the hidden powerfist (a little annoyed i couldn't make it WS5 but points...) with 4 attacks. Back this unit up with 2 Heavy Flamer WS4 Sentinels and hello kitty. Ahhh... I'm looking forward to the Major's antics.

    Well that all said any critique would be welcomed. How would you rate this army in the comp/sports scores? Would enjoy playing against it? Is it too soft?



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    3 things:

    1: give the main officer a bolt pistol. It's a lot better than a laspistol given the cost and adds an extra level of superiority to the Lieutenant in an "I have a better gun than you" sort of way.

    2: I would switch up the veterans weapons. Swap melta for plasma. It's even more dangerous against heavy infantry, has 2x the range with 1 shot or 2x the shots at the same range. If you are expecting to shoot vehicles in the side or rear than sacrificing a str point for more shots/better range is a worthwhile trade. On that same note, swap the missile launcher for an autocannon, str7 still pwns AV 10, is good against AV 11 and can hurt AV 12, and the extra shot will make it really hurt.

    3: Commissars and vox: get ready for rules arguments, as may people will tell you this is not allowed. If you dig around in the IG forum you will find the commissars and vox arguments re-poping up every couple months. You will want to agree with your opponent ahead of time on the rules rather than starting the argument mid-game, and even I am unclear on whether it should be allowed or not. GW isn't exactly clear on that one.

    PS any future readers, since I just opened a can of worms, I had better close it. Please don't turn this into another 50 post thread about vox+commissar. The horse is well and truely dead and in no need of further flogging.
    what do you call a lasgun with a laser sight?

    twin linked

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