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    1k Guard friendly

    Hi all, have recently been fiddling with my standard IG list (read static gunline) in an attempt to make it a little more exciting. The below list is basically what I have come up with. It is still quite static, but I think that with careful movement and strategy I’ll be able to play it a lot more fluidly.

    Senior Officer
    Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon 137
    4 Guardsmen – LP and CCW, Flag
    Priest – Eviscerator

    Fire Support Squad 95
    3 Autocannons

    Anti Tank Squad 110
    3 Lascannon

    Mortar Squad 80
    3 Mortars

    Platoon 200
    Command Squad
    4 Guardsmen – Mortar

    Squad 1 – Autocannon
    Squad 2 – Autocannon

    Armoured Fist Squad 179
    9 Guardsmen – Meltagun
    Veteran Sergeant – LP, CCW
    Multilaser, Hull HB, Extra Armour, Smoke, Track Guards

    Leman Russ 173
    Hull HB, Sponson HB, Extra Armour, Track Guards, RTT, Smoke

    Total: 974

    Options: Add in a few doctrines (tempting, but I want to play a couple of games without them for a change)
    Give AF squad heavy weapon – probably ML
    Add HK’s to vehicles
    Add special weapons to line squads. Alternatively replace heavy weapons with specials…
    Drop the AT Squad or FS squad for a couple of sentinels

    Basically the command squad is a counter charge unit used to take out any threats once they hit my line. I am considering giving the SO a fist because there are not very many models out there that I’ll strike simultaneously with.
    My line squads are seemingly quite static and I plan to use them purely for shooting for a couple of turns while my enemy comes to me before launching a counter-attack (not necessarily assault) with my AF squad which will be held in a reserve roll.
    I know that there is a distinct lack of AP3 weaponry in my army but I’m confident that the amount of firepower will generally overcome this, that and for fluff reasons I’m not too keen on loading up on plasma.
    Thoughts for expansion are:
    • Add a drop platoon and reinstate doctrines
    • Add a couple of sentinels
    • Add another Russ or a Basilisk
    • Add another AF squad

    Comments? Questions? Critiques?

    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain (It's time to roll the dice)- Mattrim Cauthon

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    Well for a slight touch of AP3 you could always swap out the Autocannons in the infantry squads for Missile launchers.

    Throw some special weapons in there anyway, it doesnt have to be plasma, grenade launchers are reasonably cheap and a S6 shot is always welcome, even if its AP isnt marine killer standard.
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