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    2000pts Army (Need suggestions!)

    Hello everybody,

    I am struggeling for a while now how I should expand my army. I already got a very strong defense line, my intention was to build a fast attacking force around this. So far I used just one trait advantage. The other one depends on the extra units. I want to build up to 2000pts. The different choices I was thinking about:

    - Tactical squads with drop pods (using the Cleanse and Purify trait).
    - Bike Squadrons (using the Be Swift As The Wind trait).
    - Terminators and scouts.
    - Assault squads and scouts.
    - Mix of these.
    - other choice?

    !When I use the pods or the termies with deep strike the enemy can hit my defense line with all there power the first turns, I think this could be a serious problem!
    !When I use the Bike squadrons or Terminators, I think I have to few scoring units!

    So what do you think is the best option? I hope you can help me!

    Army List so far.
    Trait advantages for now: Honour your wargear.
    (minor and/or drawback depends on the possible other trait advantage)

    Elite: Devastator squad, 6sm + Tankhunter Skill, 4 * Missile L. = 188
    Elite: Devastator squad, 6sm + Tankhunter Skill, 4 * Missile L. = 188

    HS: Devastator squad, 6sm, 4 * Heavy Bolter = 150
    HS: Devastatpr squad, 6sm, 4 * Heavy Bolter = 150
    HS: Whirlwind = 85

    So far = 761pts, still have to fill the compulsory HQ and 2 Troop choices.

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    You double posted laidbackbo.

    JvK :happy:
    Basically life sucks, there is only war and you're probably gonna get eaten by Tyranids, have fun.


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