(1000pts)- Space Marines Tournament army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    (1000pts)- Space Marines Tournament army

    Master of Sanctity(Chaplain) - 188pts
    (Jump pack, Artificer Armour, Pair of lightning Claws ,terminator honours and melta-bombs )

    Tactical Squad - 130pts
    (7 Space marines 1 armed with a plasma gun and 1 with a lascannon)

    Tactical Squad - 130pts
    (7 Space marines 1 armed with a plasma gun and 1 with a lascannon)

    Tactical Squad - 166pts
    (7 Space marines with inflitrators and 1 armed with a plasma gun and a Sergeant given terminator Honours and armed with a power fist)

    Devastator Squad - 165pts
    (7 Space Marines 3 with missile launchers)

    Predator Destructor - 118pts
    (Armed with a turret mounted autocannon and two side heavy bolters and extra armour and smoke lanuchers)

    Whirlwind - 93pts
    (Has extra armour and smoke launchers)

    A lil talk about what the idea of all that is

    K so space marines are kinda lame in alot of ways and arnt that impressive in close combat in comparison to some other armys so what can u do..... oh yea shoot alot! so my thoughts are the three main squads (two tactical and the devastators) will line up (preferably under cover) because hey a 3+ armour save isnt enough i need a cover save to! And they will kill things since the 2 lascannons and 3 rokkits have alot of anti-tank power in a 1000pts game i believe i am covered in that respect and if im playing something like orks well great the missiles now have blasts that sucks for them.... Also i have my whirlwind which regardless of what army u are playing will piss u off thats the entire point of it its just plain annoying the predator will take a flank or something im not a big fan of the lil transports that think they can walk up a side of a table and hit the flank so a nice little pradator should erase that kind of plan or it can just shoot at various things cause its cool like that. Oh and just to be really anoyying i gave my tactical squad infilrators so they can be a big pain in your "bums" yes "bums" and just be there to disrupt a portion of your army mabey punch one of your tanks thats hiding with a power fist! who knows? the point is since the rest of my army doesnt move i needed something that would so i could feel like i was actually playing the game...... yea sad i know
    and last but not least if anything happens to finally make it to me then my chaplain armed to the "chest"(have to be appropraite) will fly over and cause dealth because what else would a priest do then fly around with big claws of dealth and kill things? so yea thats the army tis a 1000pts ive managed to include 2 tanks and 28 marines let me hear your thoughts

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    First off, can you use proper English and better grammar next time? That was a bit annoying to read.
    Note: SM call their stuff missiles; rokkits are a whole different weapon

    Other than that, overall list looks alright, though I would try to fit in another missile launcher in the Dev. squad.
    Also, I'm not too sure how well lone jump Chaplains work out. You might want to take an Assault Squad for him to tag around in.
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