Ok so im sorta new to 40K, but ive been snooping around the boards here for some time. I think i might have developed a decent army list that im willing to commit to, so i thought i would see what everyone thought. Its a little unconventional as i do use penitent engines. I was just so attracted to the model that i HAD to use them in an army list. Without further ado...here goes:

Canoness:113 pts
-book of st. lucius
-jump pack
-cloak of st. aspria

Celestian Squad: 233 pts
-priest w/ Power weapon and power armour
-2 flamers
-4 normal celestians
-rhino w/ smokes and extra armour

Fast Attack
Seraphim squad #1: 178 pts
-2 seraphims w/ hand flamers
-4 seraphims

Seraphim squad #2: 178 pts
same as squad #1

Sister of Battle squad #1:209 pts
-veteran superior w/ book of st. lucious
-sister w/melta gun
-sister w/heavy flamer
-7 sisters
-rhino w/extra armour and smokes

Sister of Battle squad #2: 209 pts
same as squad #1

Heavy Support
Exorcist Tank: 140
-extra armour

3 Penitent Engines: 240

Well thats it. Similar to a normal mech lists with two or more exorcists im goign to try and shield the penitents from any type of long range fire with the multiple rhinos. My main plan is to make my opponents prioritize targets. In other words, do i hit the exorcist, the crazy penitents, or the three rhinos? if all goes according to plan the penitents will draw a large sum of the fire, taking the heat off of the other units making them more effcient.

One of my flaws of my lists are the diversity of the units. there is not much of it. Any suggestions on what to possibly do would be extremely kind, not only limited to the diversity issue.

Thanks in advance.