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    Final Friendly 1000pt Inquisitorial Strikeforce

    Based on previous criticisms of my other two lists, here's what I've finally come up with, fluff and all. This army would be used for vital incursions into the heart of the enemy forces, and as such is somewhat small and short-ranged. I tried to be reasonably well-rounded while selecting the units, but at the same time integrate some of my fluff-based ideas and preferences. Some people I've shown this list to say it would be a good cityfight army.
    List one:
    List two:

    Inquisitor Lord Cavarien with power stake, bolt pistol, frag grenades, and Word of the Emperor psychic power
    Acolyte with carapace armor and Brazier of Holy Fire
    Veteran Guardsman with melta gun
    Dedicated Rhino transport with extra armor, smoke launcher, and Hunter/Killer missile
    Total: 231
    (Inquisitor Lord Cavarien and his retinue are meant to stay alive as long as possible while taking out as many people as they can during the game. If the enemy doesn't have many psykers, I can reduce the power stake to a regular power weapon at minor points reduction. If they have more psykers than expected, I can add a Penitent to the retinue and still have enough room in the Rhino. Preferably this group would only go up against infantry, but you never know...)

    10x Inquisitorial Stormtroopers with plasma gun and grenade launcher
    Total: 120
    (Lt. Victor Spraussen and his boys are Lord Cavarien's personal stormtroopers. They are meant to support the Inquisitor and provide covering fire/distraction/meatshielding/etc)

    10x Battle Sisters with melta gun and flamer
    Veteran Superior Lennora
    Total: 140
    (The Battle Sisters under Cavarien's command are the remnants of a minor order that was nearly wiped out in a Chaos incursion on their homeworld. Cavarien is helping them to rebuild their order on a different world, but they swore an oath to aid him whenever he should require them. This is a general-purpose squad, kitted out with a flamer for killing infantry and a meltagun for dealing with tanks)

    Fast Attack/Heavy Support
    6x Seraphim with twin hand-flamers
    Veteran Superior Melyssa with power weapon
    Total: 159
    (Sister Superior Melyssa is the leader of the Adepta Sororitas forces under Cavarien's command. Her squad is meant to harry the enemy: go in fast, hit hard, and soar out of harm's way before things get hairy. They can also serve as assassins by going in fast and taking out champions or other important single models/small squads)

    6x Dominions with 4x melta guns
    Veteran Superior Emiliana
    Dedicated Immolator transport with extra armor
    Total: 210
    6x Retributors with 4x heavy bolters
    Veteran Superior Emiliana
    Undedicated Immolator transport with extra armor
    Total: 210
    (Emiliana will be leading a squad of either Dominions or Retributors, which will be focused on killing tanks and infantry respectively. But I can't decide which squad to use! Both cost the same, have the same number of bodies, and include the same Immolator, but I'm not sure which one would be more effective)

    Exorcist with extra armor
    Total: 140
    (The single Exorcist that belongs to the decimated Order of the White Lily is a potent symbol of their faith, and a powerful harbinger of destruction to the Emperor's foes. Besides the hypothetical Retributors, it's the only thing in this army with a range beyond 24 inches, and provides much-needed ranged support in a standard field battle. It can be used to take out tanks or heavy infantry)

    Army Total: 1000 exactly
    Models: 38
    Vehicles: 3

    I promise not to wig out this time, so feel free to post whatever advice you have.

    The Emperor set a fire in their hearts that they might burn the iniquitous and the impure from his sight. And the light of that flame shall be as a beacon to the faithful, a light that shines in the darkest places.

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    I'd vote for the retributors. You've already got several melta guns and an exorcist. Unless you happen to play an armoured company or something, that's a fair bit of tank busting at 1,000 pts. Long range guns on the other hand are a precious commodity in a witch hunter army!

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