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    First DA List. 1000pts

    So here's my list. My main opponents are going to be Blood Angels, Tyranids, Thousand Sons, and Chaos Undivided.

    Librarian w/ Plasma Pistol

    Venerable Dreadnought w/ Plasma Cannon & Heavy Flamer

    10 man Tac Squad
    Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol & Chainsword
    Heavy Bolter

    10 man Tac Squad
    Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol & Chainsword
    Missile Launcher

    10 man Tac Squad
    Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol & Chainsword

    Fast Attack
    Ravenwing Landspeeder w/ Multi-meta and Typhoon Missile Launcher

    Heavy Support

    Total is 1000pts.

    My thoughts are as follows. I chose the Librarian from a fluff perspective. I also really like Librarians in general, and I don't want to use a Chaplain without a designated CQC squad. I'm debating between a Librarian and Company Master. I already have CM and Chaplain models, so any HQ choice is doable for me.

    I like having a lot of flesh in my army, and my troops do just that. My hope is that they'll support one another and keep their positions. My hope is that by the time my opponent does get to assault me, he's already been chewed up, and my Dreadnought/Tac squads can finish up what's left.

    The Dreadnought is there mainly just to wreak havoc, and to support the Tac Squads.

    I heard Landspeeders are nasty in 1k point games. Again, the general idea behind it is to create as much havoc as possible.

    The Whirlwind doesn't need any upgrades, since it'll be in cover/or out of most weapon's ranges throughout the game. I'll be using it from far away, hopefully causing as much carnage as I can to weaken anything that's about to assault me.

    All this said, I feel like I'm lacking an Assault Squad. They just seem so expensive... but I miss it already. I currently own a 10-man AS, and I was in love with it. It would pain me to not use it. Originally, I wanted three troop choices (as above) but I think it might be better for me to take an assault squad than a third Tac squad.

    What do you guys think? This is my first real list above 500pts, and I have -no- experience playing as the Dark Angels, and I have never played against an army using only Thousand Sons, or played against Blood Angels, and I've never played against a serious Nids player.

    So any help would be appreciated. I want this list to be competitive, but all my games will be friendly ones. I'm not into tournys yet.

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    i like this list

    This list is quite good 8Y

    personally i would take the assault squad with a power fist. For this i would take out the missile launcher tactical squad. I would use a librarian not a chappy.

    If you lost the plasma pistol and made the dread un-venerable it would be 25 points over 1000 with the assault squad
    Last edited by librarian lorien; March 2nd, 2008 at 18:56. Reason: I left something out of this

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