Heavy Support:
x2 Exorcist
__Extra Armor
__Heavy Bolters(x4)
_Retributor Veteran Superior

x2 Battle Sisters(x9)
__Heavy Flamer(x2)
_Battle Sister Veteran Superior(x2)
___Power Sword(x2)
___Plasma Pistol(x2)
___Smoke Launchers(x2)
___Extra Armor(x2)
___Holy Icon(x2)
___Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter(x2)
___Blessed Ammunition(x2)

__Inferno Pistol
__Blessed Weapon
__Litanies of Faith
__Cloak of St.Aspira
__Mantle of Ophelia
___Heavy Flamer
____Sacred Banner of the Order Militant
__Celestian Veteran Superior
____Plasma Pistol
____Power Sword
____Holy Icon
____Extra Armor
____Smoke Launcher
____Holy Promethium
____Dozer Blade

Fast Attack:
x2 Seraphims(x4)
__Twin-Hand Flamers(x2)
__Twin Inferno Pistols(x2)
__Melta Bombs(x
_Seraphim Veteran Superior (x2)
___Melta Bomb(x2)
___Power Sword(x2)
___Plasma Pistol(x2)
___Praesidium Protectiva(x2)
__Melta Bombs(x5)
_Dominion Veteran Superior
___Plasma Pistol
___Holy Icon
___Extra Armor
___Holy Promethium
___Smoke Launcher

This list has served me well so far, the canoness and her retinue are rigged to be able to work their way down a line of enemy armor and shred them.
6 tanks
9 Faith Points
47 Sisters