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    1500 Assault Marines

    Space Marines are always portrayed as the elites of the Imperium, the surgical strike force of the military might of man in the 40k universe. In my opinion nothing epitomizes this more than assault marines.

    In todays modern warfare, elite troops arer often deployed in covert ops using using High Altitude Low Opening parachute jumps to avoid detection and perform rapid insertion usually behind enemy lines. Translating this into the 40k universe I envisage marines equipped with jump packs dropping from their high orbit or high altitude Thunderhawk Gunship where they are needed. They would literally hurtle toward the planets surface until they absolutely had to employ their jump packs to slow their ascent and land.

    This is my basic concept fluff and I was curious if it could be done in game with an army list. Having little 40k experience I was advised to use the Blood Angels list as they can take assault marines as troops. So heres my list;

    Blood Angels HALO rapid insertion force

    125 Lemartes

    355 Veteran Assault Squad - 10 men

    2 thunderhammers

    2 melta guns

    195 4 Death Company - 5 extra men

    Jump Packs

    275 Assault Squad - 10 men

    Vet. Sergeant with powerfist

    275 Assault Squad - 10 men

    Vet. Sergeant with powerfist

    275 Assault Squad - 10 men

    Vet. Sergeant with powerfist

    1500 points total - 50 assault marines

    With little 40k gaming experience I doubt it will be a tourney winning list and to be honest I have so many projects in dire need of my attention, starting another gaming army would not be a good idea...

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