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    So Many Choices, Not Enough Money

    Hey guys,

    I currently have a 1500 point army, and am looking to expand to 2000. I was wondering if I could get some opinions on where to head, but I figure I'll give you a very general idea of what I have already.

    Doctrines: Drop Troops, Iron Disipline, Sharpshooters, Close Order Drill, (Veterans or something will probably be the fifth doctrine choice)

    Command Squad( standard loadout, standard bearer, and a couple grenade launchers.)
    Lascannon Team
    Autocannon Team x2
    Mortar Team
    Special Weapons Team( 2 meltas with demo charge)

    Veteran Squad( 3 plasmas )

    Platoon Command( JO with 3 grenade launchers)
    10x2 Guard Squad( Grenade Launcher/ Missle Launcher)

    (Then another identical troop choice)

    2 Leman Russes

    Now from here I've got a couple choices of places to go:
    ( trying to stay around $100-130 range)

    3 Cadian Shock Troop Boxes
    - this would give me 60 men, and with that I would probably max out my troop choices adding six line squads.

    Leman Russ Demolisher, 2 Cadian Box Sets
    - Demolishers, obliviously and probably adding 4 line squads.

    I know there are other choices as well like getting another HQ and throwing in more heavy weapon squads, but I'm looking to not be completely stand and shoot type army. Any ideas are extremely welcomed. Sadly sentinels are out of the question because to get three costs around $100 dollars, and that would be most of money right there for about 150 points.

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    I'd go for the second choice out of the two. Looking at the amount of heavy wepaons you've got I'm assuming you will be able to fit them out ok (troops that is)

    The demolisher will add some variety ie. do 20 men then tank then 20 men. also gives you a nice round heavy support section.

    Hope that helps


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