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Thread: 500 point army

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    Senior Member bl00d bath76's Avatar
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    500 point army

    I have been trying to think of a good couipple of ccb armys or ones that at least would stande a chance in ccb. This is what i have come up with:

    Heavy flamer (115)

    Comand squad marines x6 (110)
    plasma gun x2

    Tactical marines x6
    Houner guard
    Flamer (126)

    Tactical marines x7
    houner guard
    flamer (14
    frag grenades x7

    However if i am up against a tank player i will replace the smaller tact with 6 men +lasacannon. With the points i will get rid of a marine from the 7 man squad and with those points get and hourner guard in command squad. What do you think i have no idead whether this will work?

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    Well, you need an HQ to make the list legal. Drop the frag grenades and the honor gaurd and you should have the points to fit in a cheap Captain to lead the command squad. I would also drop at least one tactical marine from somewhere so you can fit the captain with a power weapon and bolt pistol. With the points you have left you can add a heavy bolter to one of your tactical squads or upgrade a flamer to a missile launcher, melta gun, or another plasma gun. I don't think you need that many flamers in a game with so few points.

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