Back when the New Space Marine Codex came out, I had an urge: to make an army with 6 dreadnaughts in it. This urge came mostly from me picturing it sitting on the game table, or on my shelf at home... it would just LOOK really really cool.

Anyways, this is an army list comprised of what Ive slowly gathered so far... only 2 dreads at the moment (this was always going to be a slow buildup over time), and just enough for 1500 point games. lemme know what you think: I tried to make it a versatile 'take all comers' as best I could with the limited set of models/spare bits I currently own.

Captain: Power Weapon, Storm Shield
[bare bones mini champion using a humble space marine model, that may become a true company champion in the Chaplains retinue.. but theres a problem there:]

Chaplain Reclusiarch: Bolt Pistol, Jump Jets
[yeah, hes a jumpjet alternate pose Chappie, and his retinue would be the assault squad further below. Once I can figure out how to make the champion find a place with all that, then I may go get a real chapter capitan, or the sword and shield guy may just become an over eccentric tactical/scout seargent in the future]
[point of tactica: chaplain attaches to a maxed assault squad to make an utter meat grinder on the charge with Litany of Hate- plus the jump jet alternate chappie looks really cool/intimidating!]

Techmarine: stock
- 3 heavy bolter gun servitors
- 1 plasma cannon gun servitor
[the techie is important for the 6 dreadnaught end goal: he would be a stylish leader once all the walking robots are around. I plan on adding the trait "Scions of Mars" to go with the already required "Heed the Wisdom of the Ancients" in the future, to add even more style and techno flavor.. with terminator armored unit seargents. But for now, hes just a humble Techmarine, without even a full servo harness (Im moding one with magnets to make all the servo arms fully poseable!)]
[point of tactica: The techies' Signum is a neat little gizmo for the plasma cannon in his gunline: as far as I know, the plasma servitor may reroll any 1s he rolls, and avoid melting down. Short of that, each round of 9 heavy bolter and 1 plascannon shots at full Marine BS- with one rerolled miss each turn- seems just wrong enough to justify the purchase, rather than just take a Devastator squad]

Dreadnaught 1: Stock
[no goodies for points reasons atm, but yeah, this could just be an bit of "heed the wisdom of the ancients": If it aint broke, dont fix it!]

Dreadnaught 2: Lascannons, Missile Launcher
[also bare bones, and lacking Tank hunter as well. for now]

5 man Tac Squad: Missile launcher, Meltagun
[the foot slogger tank hunters, with no fancy seargent. The weapon choices will seem odd, as I only have 1 set of special/heavy weapons- I bought a 10 man marine box, and then a special 5 man box of models, and the 5 man box skimped out on the special weapon bits... my whole point of buying the half sized box in the first place! so yeah, they got me!]

6 man Tac squad: Heavy Bolter
[fire support/general purpose unit, again no fancy seargent.. just a bolter]

5 Man Tac squad: Plasmagun, frag grenades, Seargent with Powerfist
- Razorback transport: Lascannons, pintle storm bolter
[this is the squad that will be on the assault, shortly behind the assault chappie flying meatgrinder. The Captain attaches here to fill out the Razorback and give me a small but nasty shock assault squad with a powerweapon and a a powerfist. With a ride. That Razorback is needed for later, and is lost looking for a place at the moment. He will eventually be the transport of the Techmarine and gun servitors, serving as more of a static wall to screen enemy fire- than as a transport. The lascannon makes more sense if the razor stays back as well. Plus, I tried to keep the # of lascannons somewhat high (3 total), along with the heavybolter and assaulty factors]
[point of tactica: rush the small but fancy HQ/Powerfist unit into the fray. duh]

10 man assault squad: 2 Plasma Pistols, Seargent with Powerfist, Plasma Pistol.
[just a great big mass of chainsword weilding lunatics just begging for a chaplain to inspire them just that little bit more!]

LandSpeeder Tornado: as is (assault cannon, heavy bolter)
[points filler, and model I really liked, so I'm going to say its here for that fast unit to harrass and claim objectives in a final dramatic dash, something you always wish you have the moment you choose not to bring one]

Predator Annihilator: Heavy Bolter sponsons, smoke launchers
[remember how I said the razorback was going to act as a moveable screen wall for the fragile techie gunline? Well, this guy fills the role. He adds his own heavy bolters to the 3 that are already there, and provides a good moveable wall to stop enemy heavy bolters shooting back. Plus, hes another lascannon.]

Whew! all told, that 1499 points. That is rather a lot of stuff when you think about it, and thats the main reason why all of them are bare bones- wargear wise. And that is all the Space Marine modesl I currently own and are painting. Eventually all of the elite and heavy slots will be filled with dreads, so the Techie has to get upgraded to HQ, and the Predator will probably be downgraded to a rhino/razorback. (magnetic swappable parts trick I learned for my Tau tanks). But all the side stuff... the supporting stuff that isnt an actual dreadnaught... is already here.

But for now, how do you think this list would do in take all comers leage style play? Are the troops numbers too low? Is there an aspect that I went a little too heavy or too light on (shooty anti swarm, shooty anti vehicle, assaulty)? Let me know, Because I am seriously considering joining the local 40k league... where you have only 1 list, and must face all comers with it. Thanks!