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    2000 w/ DH vs Necrons (Friendly)

    Playing a friendly match with a buddy, who will likely be using Necrons for the first time. Trying to do IG with a hint of Inquisition, though I'm having a tough time trying to fit in a workable and worthwhile Inquisitor Lord... But, I need one for the assassin I may scrap the whole idea if it is totally unworkable, or maybe shift to Grey Knight Terms (???)

    Anyway, here we go at the rough draft:

    Command Platoon, 252
    - JO x/ HI, Power Weapon, Iron Discipline
    - Commissar w/ Power Fist
    - Standard Bearer
    - Anti-Tank 3x Lascannons, Sharp Shooter
    - Sentinel w/ Multilaser

    Inquisitor Lord w/Power Weapon, melta bombs, 127
    - 3x Familiars
    - 3x Mystic
    - Warrior w/ Power Fist

    Infantry Platoon, 300
    - Cmd Squad w/ Iron Discipline, Sharp Shooter, 2x Plasma Gun
    - 3x Infantry Squad, Missile Launcher

    Infantry Platoon, 300
    - Cmd Squad w/ Iron Discipline, Sharp Shooter, 2x Plasma Gun
    - 3x Infantry Squad, Auto-cannon

    Inquistorial Stormtroopers, 100
    - 9x Troopers, 2x Plasma Gun

    Eversor Assassin, 95

    Ratlings (x6), 66

    Rough Riders (x, 99
    - Vet Sarg w/ Melta Bombs

    Sentinel Squad, 100
    - Multi, Las

    Sentinel Squad, 45
    - Multi

    Leman Russ Battle Tank, 160
    - 3x Heavy Bolters, Extra Armor

    Leman Russ Battle Tank, 160
    - 3x Heavy Bolters, Extra Armor

    Basilisk, 125
    - Indirect Fire

    Thoughts? Both HQs are kinda meant as counter-chargers, and the Inquisitor Lord can disrupt Deep Strikers, which would hopefully be at least annoying to the enemy.

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    HQ: Good. I would drop the commisar for points as your squad could easily be rappid fired into oblivion with it only having 7 wounds and poor armour.

    Inquisitor: Yuck, drop him and the assasin. an eversor is worth 95 points but not 127+95 and this guy us almost useless.

    Infantry platoons: Don't give sharp shooter as it doesn't effect plasma guns. It is ok on 3xlas cannon teams but not worth it on anything else. I suggest the platoon HQs take a heavy bolter and the squads take lascannon/ML and plasma guns.

    Storm troopers: ok

    Ratlings: fine

    Rough riders: Great but drop the meltabombs as you need a 6 to hit a monnolith and then only get 1D6+8 penetration against it.

    Sentinels: fine. I really like las cannon sentinels but multi lasers are ok.

    Tanks: look good.

    I think 5 GK Terminators for 245 points would be an exelent addition to your army. S6 power weapons and the necron weapons are not that great at getting through their armour.
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