1750pts Daemon Hunters: not sure where to start, could use some Help!! - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1750pts Daemon Hunters: not sure where to start, could use some Help!!

    Hi i'm coming back to good old 40K after a Hiatus of a fair few years where i've been soley playing WHFB, so i've only got a vague idea of what i'd like to take.

    I've worked out the points roughly but nothing is set in stone, not looking for an uber competitive Tourney force, just took what i like the look of but i still want to have a chance in games so feel free to pull it apart and point out my mistakes.

    GK Hero
    8 man Terminator retinue

    3 Death Cult assasins
    2 x Inquisitor with Power armour, sage and 3 Gun Servitors
    [probably 2 H.Bolters & 1 Plasma Cannon]

    10 Inq Storm Troopers & 2 Melta Guns
    10 Inq Storm Troopers & 2 Plasma Guns
    [would i be right in thinking i could put 1 of the Inq with their retinues in each of these units ??]

    Fast Attack
    8 Man GK squad

    Heavy Support
    6 Man GK Purgation squad with 4 Psycannons
    1 Dreadnought with twin lascannon, missile launcher, smoke, & hunter killer missile

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    Heh. Didn't see that you'd posted this twice. You can find my suggestions in your original post.
    ninjabackhand: point and click, again, really? even after i give you an military term "shock tactic" you still call it point and click.
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