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Thread: 1500pts Wolves

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    1500pts Wolves



    Rune Priest + frost blade + belt of russ + frag grenades + melta bombs + wolf pelt + wolf tail talisman

    Ven Dread + assault cannon + extra armour

    2*Wolf Guard + lightning claws + melta bombs + frag grenades + wolf pelt + wolf tail talisman

    9*Grey Hunters + bolters + power fist + power weapon + melta

    9*Blood Claws + power fist + power weapon

    3*BC Bikes + power fist + power weapon + melta

    5 Long fangs + 2*heavy bolters + 2*plasma

    5 Long fangs + 2*lascannon + 2*multimelta


    Ragnar to go with the Grey Hunters and the Rune Priest to go with the Blood Claws, casting stormcaller every turn.
    There is also a wolf guard leader in each pack.

    Kinda new to wolves so criticism welcome!
    thanks in advance

    "Is this still Plan B?"
    "No this is definetly Plan C!"

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    Well I do not generally think that Ragnar is worth it unless you pair him with wolf guard or you put bolt pistols on your grey hunter squads. This is because since the Grey Hunters have bolters they don’t get the bonus attacks for the charge & the bonus for true grit. So the berserk charge ability of Ragnar is not being used to its full effect. Though you could forgo the use of true grit for the round they charge in so that you would get 1 more attack that round and then go back to the use of true grit after that. So you charge in and the grey hunters would get 3 attacks (1 base attack +2 for charging, no bonus for 2 CCWs) then in subsequent rounds they would get 2 attacks (1 base attack +1 for bolter & CCW w/ true grit), still though if you are going this route I would put bolt pistols on all your grey hunters (especially the power weapon & power fist).

    On your blood claws I would always use all power fists especially on the bikers…

    I am not a fan of long fangs, they suffer from the problem of if you loose even one model then it really hurts the squad since every single model is highly valuable & you don’t have the opportunity to take any red shirts.

    With just 2 troop squads foot slogging forward they will likely get ripped apart before they ever see battle. This army is really a bit to slow to be able to handle most armies out there. I would suggest that you consider looking at a mechanized version of the list using rhinos & predators.
    Primary Army: Tyranids; Secondary Army: Space Wolves

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