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    1500pt IG list (needs filling out)

    Hi all,

    Here's my first Guard list for critique. It's meant to be sort of a take-all-comers list, but I play mostly Marines/Chaos, so I cheated a little in that regard. I also am building this list with an eye towards 5th Edition...which is why there are no sponsons on the Russes!

    Command Squad: Heroic Senior officer with laspistol, power weapon, Iron Discipline. Veteran with company standard. Three guard with lasguns; mortar. 96pts


    2 x Infantry Platoon 225pts each
    Junior Officer with laspistol, close combat weapon, ID. Four guard with lasguns; mortar.
    Two Infantry Squads with missile launcher, plasma gun.

    Fast Attack

    2 x Sentinels with autocannons. 100pts
    2 x Sentinels with autocannons. 100pts
    2 x Sentinels with autocannons, one with improved comms. 120pts

    Heavy Support

    2 x Russes with battlecannon, lascannon. 155 each, 310 total
    1 x Basilisk with indirect fire. 125

    That's 1301pts there. Not too many bodies yet, and a conspicuous lack of mobile infantry (which I'll need in 5th to take objectives, table quarters, etc). What should I add/subtract?

    Doctrines wise, I am taking ID, close order...and undecided. I don't really want to take drop troops just because it's kind of a crutch.


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    hmmm light infantry would be maybe a good idea for taking objectives? If not that you could add on a armored fist squad for objective taking.

    I dont know how this will work in 5th edition but if you really want a fairly cheap objective taking "troop" you could take either WH/DH IST's in a Rhino or Sisters in a Rhino? Could work out nicely.

    hope this helps!
    40k armies
    Imperial Guard-3,250pts
    Blood Angels-2,000pts
    Daemon Hunters-2,000pts

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