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    Army list critic/request for one..? Blood Angels, 1,000 pts

    Well first off maybe an introduction... I'm Pierre, and I've been playing for a long time now... I think I started in about 1998, with fantasy. I play Blood Angels... well used to. I stopped in between 2001 and er... now. :drinking: I have a bunch of BAs and I don't want to buy more. I have maybe about 1,500 pts worth and I'm trying to make a 1,000 pts army that's versatile, without buying more. My stuff is in Amsterdam and I live in Edinburgh though so I won't play very often. Hence why I don't want to spend since I alrteady have (I think) enough.

    I have:
    7 Death Companies
    Chaplain (no options on him)
    DC Rhino
    (so no jumpacks on the dudes)

    Commander with power weapon and plasma pistol (painted, so by murphy's law if I play him, he does nothing and dies 0

    5 terminators with heavy flamer

    About 30 marines amongst which: 1 flamer, one meltagun, one plasma gun and a Missile Launcher
    2 veteran sergeants (one could be considered having a power sword)

    Baal predator with stormbolter and heavy flamers sponsons

    Dreadnought (plastic kit) with all the weapons choice, and heavy flamer on the CC arm

    5 assault Marines, with vet sarge with power fist, 2 plasma pistols in the squad. This squad is fixed at 195 pts

    5 devastators with plasma cannon, 2 heavy bolters, missile launcher (so two missile launchers amongst all my dudes) and vetsarge

    Land Raider (standard) with storm bolter

    So out of this I tried to make a pretty levelled list I could use against all armies...not the best tactic I know but I have no choice

    Rhino (140 pts)

    Assault squad, PlasPistolx2, power fist 195 pts
    Tactical squadx5, flamer, power weapon 135 pts
    Tactical squadx10, meltagun, Missile Launcher 210 pts

    Devastatorsx5, Plasma Cannon, Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolterx2 190 pts

    Baal predator, heavy flamers, pintle mounter storm bolter 135 pts

    Total 1,005 pts

    I chose a pretty basic approach... Devs take out tanks and heavy armored troops, the baal protects the rhino and they both move forward on a flank, the Assault squad deep strikes to take out any artillery or annoying tank with the plasma pistols and power fist...The 10 strong squad splits in two combat squad, one a mini devastator with the missile launcher and the other with the meltagun and the veteran sargeant for support to the assault squad and the Death Co/chaplain which ride in the rhino.

    Most lists I saw have Lemartes (but I don't like characters that much) and attack bikes, but I can't do that.
    So... basically I'm wondering if the more experienced players could find fault, or praise if inded it's good ;Y with the list...Or if they could help me out with making one out the stuff I have?

    Thanks a lot guys!

    Last edited by Pott; April 9th, 2008 at 00:36.

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