1500pt Competitive & Infantry Heavy - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pt Competitive & Infantry Heavy

    Hey boys and girls,

    I'm a long time IG player but this is my first attempt at a competitive list, and equally my first attempt at a mostly infantry army - my normal style is more a of a mechanized blitzkrieg!

    So without further aduo...


    Drop Troops
    Close Order Drill
    Rough Riders
    Iron Discipline


    Command Platoon

    Command Squad 104pts
    Heroic Senior Officer
    Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon & Iron Discipline
    Standard Bearer, Medic & 1 Flamer

    Lascannon Anti-tank Squad 1 110pts

    Lascannon Anti-tank Squad 2 110pts


    Stormtroopers 141pts
    1 Veteran Sergeant: Power Weapon
    9 Stormtroops: 2 Plasma Guns

    Hardened Veterans 66pts
    1 Veteran Sergeant: Bolt Pistol
    4 Veterans: 2 Meltaguns


    Infantry Platoon 1

    Command Squad 55pts
    Junior Officer
    4 Guardsmen: 1 Missile Launcher

    Squad 1 83pts
    1 Grenade Launcher 1 Autocannon

    Squad 2 83pts
    1 Grenade Launcher 1 Autocannon

    Infantry Platoon 2

    Command Squad 45pts
    Junior Officer: Iron Discipline
    4 Guardsmen

    Squad 1 76pts
    1 Flamer 1 Heavy Bolter

    Squad 2 76pts
    1 Flamer 1 Heavy Bolter

    Fast Attack

    Hellhound 115pts

    Rough Riders 146pts
    1 Veteran Sergeant: Honorifica Imperialis, Hunting Lance & Power Weapon
    9 Rough Riders: Hunting Lances

    Heavy Support

    Basilisk 125pts
    Indirect Fire

    Demolisher 165pts

    Obviously this list will operate as an old fashioned gun-line that can either hold its ground or march forward en-mass to take the fight to the enemy. The Rough riders and Hellound are there to grab objectives or counterattack anything that makes it past rapid fire range and the demolisher. The Stromtroops and Veterans deepstrike, to either take objectives, tank hunt, or to bolster the gun line if things are going badly.

    My main question is do I have enough infantry to compensate my lack of armour? This list has 92 infantry, but I was considering dropping the Demolisher to get another platoon. Thoughts? Any advice appreciated!

    Many thanks...

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    You're deep dropping a squad of veterans with two plasma guns... What can they really do? Plasma's are great guns but can't reliably take out any armour, so when you drop them you're going to have to take on a squad of infantry, and any single squadron of any IG infantry has a very small chance of success. I mean, dropping them beside a HW platoon would be ideal, but the heavy weapons will destroy the squad, giving you, maybe, one or two shots.

    Your command platoon is kinda funky, what's with the single flamer? You have a medic, but it's not going to really help much, and you have your commander half kitted for melee. Why not just give him a regular bolter and get the range? Also, drop the heroic officer and get a junior with an HI (less points), and maybe put 2 plasmas in that squad, so the medic has more of a use.

    Your squad has a flamer and a heavy bolter, or a grenade launcher & autocannon, neither are very effective when combined.

    I'm not a fan of rough riders, they're one trick ponies, and with their WS they're not going to get a lot of MeQ (what I assume they're their to kill).

    Your two lascannon squads are going to get pummeled by anyone with armour to risk, so be prepared to lose them quickly if you don't have a lot of support for them.

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