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    2800 PTS of Fluffy Marines

    Honor your War-gear, No Mercy No Respite, Eye to Eye


    Master of Sanctity (Attached to Assault squad #1) 136
    Bolt-Pistol, Terminator Honors, Jump Pack,

    Command Squad: 505 (Counting everything below)

    Master of Sanctity: 126
    Bolt-Pistol, Terminator Honors

    Epistolary: 166
    Storm of the Emperors Wrath
    Familiar, Iron Halo, Bolt-Pistol, Terminator Honors

    Furious Charge, 5 Marines, Melta Gun, Company Champion (with Termie Honors), Veteran Sergeant (with Termie Honors), Thunder Hammer, Bolt Pistol


    Dreadnought: 168
    Twin-linked Las-cannon, Rocket Launcher, Smoke launchers, Venerable, Tank Hunter

    Dreadnought: 118
    Rocket launcher, Smoke launchers

    Devastator Squad: 254
    8 Marines, 2 Rocket Launchers, 2 Las-Cannons, Tank Hunters 24


    Tactical Squad: 191
    10 Marines, Melta Gun, Heavy Bolter, Terminator Honors, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol

    Tactical Squad: 191
    10 Marines, Melta Gun, Heavy Bolter, Terminator Honors, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol

    Tactical Squad: 186
    8 Marines, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher, Terminator Honors, Power Sword, Bolt-Pistol

    Tactical Squad: 186
    8 Marines, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launcher, Terminator Honors, Power Sword, Bolt-Pistol


    Assault Squad #1: 291
    10 Marines, 2 Plasma pistols, Terminator Honors, Power Fist, Bolt-Pistol, Furious Assault

    Assault Squad #2: 288

    10 Marines, 2 Flamers, Terminator Honors, Power Sword, Bolt-Pistol, Furious Assault


    Predator Annihilator: 133
    Sponson Mounted Heavy-Bolters, Smoke Launchers

    Devastator Squad: 230
    8 Marines, 2 Rocket Launchers, 2 Plasma-Cannons

    Whirlwind: 98
    Smoke Launchers, Pintle-Mounted Storm-Bolter

    PTS 2814

    This is my first time formatting an army-list to put online, so if it's hard to read or something just let me know.

    At the moment most of this stuff is set in stone, as in already built and painted, though I'm open to suggestions about the command squad. Also, I'm trying to bump it up to around 3,000 points or less by filling my last fast-attack slot, if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

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    I don't have my Codex with me so I'll assume your application of Traits is correct.

    There's a lot of units in your list so I'll try to go from top to bottom with regards to the comments.

    505 points is an insane amount of points to include in a squad. It will be shot at asap since it's too big an opportunity. There's no rhino or land raider purchased for it. How do you plan to keep this squad alive?

    The dreadnought with the missile launcher does not seem to have a purpose built for it. It's not dedicated anti-tank or anti-infantry. I suggest changing the weapon option for full 48" anti-tank like your other dreadnought, or swapping in a flamer for anti-infantry. Also consider drop pods for both your dreadnoughts to help them reach their target faster.

    Nit picking, please remove the points for the tank hunters skill in the devastator squad 0:

    Your tactical squads suffer from the syndrome of trying to do everything at once. It is better to keep them focused on one role, be it moving forward or stand and shoot. Putting in all three options (Vet Sarge, special and heavy weapon) tends to make a tactical squad waste a lot of potential and points. Moving forwards wastes the heavy weapon and standing still to shoot the heavy weapon wastes the powerfist. Consider buying razorbacks or rhinos for transportation or heavy support and dedicate your tacticals to specific duties.

    I'm not sure why you want smoke launchers on a whirlwind, it is typically safe from enemy fire since it usually hidden out of sight.

    P.S. Oh yes, I just realized it's your first post here at LO. So welcome to the forums

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