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    new player first army 400pt IG Combat Patrol

    I'm still familiarizing myself with the rules, never played before with any army but have been reading a lot of army lists and tactics and forums so hopefully this isn't too bad. I used Army Builder to make the list so it should be good and legal.


    Doctrines: Close Order Drill, Die Hards, Iron Discipline

    Infantry Platoon: 228 points
    Junior Officer: Iron Discipline, Bolt Pistol (just because I had an extra point) and Close Combat Weapon

    JO's retinue of 4 guardsmen with 3 Lasguns and a Heavy Bolter

    Squad 1: Close Order Drill and Die Hards, 7 Lasgun, Flamer, and Autocannon, Sargeant with Lasgun

    Squad 2: Same as Squad 1

    Armored Fist: 172 points
    Armored Fist squad: Diehards with 8 lasgun, flamer and frag grenades
    Veteran Sargeant with Laspistol and Close Combat Weapon
    Chimera with Heavy Flamer turret and Hull Heavy Bolter


    Basic Strategy is to set up in the backfield as much as possible and shoot them up as they cross the field, then countercharge with the fist when the time is right. Comments welcome.

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    Generally, in my opinion, flamers are pretty useless for Guard squads. The template isn't long enough to catch assaulting squads before they hit your line most of the time, and you're not going to be wanting to move forward to get em. I would say to drop all the flamers, and give your two infantry squads grenade launchers. You'll have 2 points left over to spend on whatever you want. Maye drop the BP on your officer and give the Chimera smoke launchers. Now, about your strategy. IG don't counter charge. Unless they're rough riders or Ogryns. WHat you'll want to do is set up your fist squad as basically another bunch of lasguns, and if any enemy gets close enough to charge you then tank shock em with the Chimera and if this exposes you to heavy weapons, use the smoke launchers. I like your choice of doctrines though, you're not going to lost any men to demoralization .

    Thanks my two cents. However, I'm not a veteran guard player by any means so I would wait for at least another opinion as well. Good luck and may the Emperor be with you.

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    OOOO 400 point list my favourite,

    Doctrines, die hards and iron discipline dont really go together a huge amount, die hards is also expensive and not hugely worth it. The only reason to have this is a strong fluff reason and at 400 points it may not be a great idea so stick to the iron discipline for now. You can always add it back in later.

    HQ, simple and sound no qualms there.

    Squads, they are too expensive for what they do. Remember that COD can only be used by the platoon and also that it isnt cumulative with iron doscipline except inthe platoon command squad. Also the die hards isn't needed so id drop that for some more points.

    The flamers are a very short ranged weapon that needs to be moved into position if you want to use it, this means that it doesnt really work in line squads. especially with a heavy weapon. The autocannon is fine and a great choice though. grenade launchers are a lot better in this situation.

    The AF squad is interesting and well set up but it wont be very effective. They will die pretty quick so die hards wont make a huge difference, guard just cant do combat well (except for rough riders). The frags as such dont work well.
    The chimera is great but it needs smokes and extra armour to survive well.

    If I may The list can easily be re aranged to

    Platoon cmd Jo with bolt pistol power sword, two flamers two guys with ccw pistol close order
    Chimera, heavy flamer turret and heavy bolter hull, extra armour and smokes

    Sqd 1 Autocannon grenade launcher vet sarge close order

    Sqd 2 Autocannon vet sarge close order

    Sqd 3 Heavy bolter grenade launcher vet sarge close order

    This is pretty much the same models with a couple of changes in special weapons.

    Instead of an AF squad Ive madeit a normal squad. The sqds now have vet sarges for extra ld when they arein close order. Teh platoon command isn't needed for leadership so can be used as counter charge, give them the protected chimera and some flamers and they will do a little damage, they can also go into COD as well.

    Hope that helps


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