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    Imperil Guard 750pts

    ok ive just finished my 2000pts of Tyranid Hunters for Guard so as a little side Project for myself ive decided to do this a Mercenary Company Led by The Infamous Captain Dezio Ive tried to combine some fairly Elite units into a Mobile Objective Taker with decent ranged units.

    For those who have seen the 2000pt Tyranid Hunter List this list is again going for a fluff element but still Competetive enough to be fun to play against and with.

    Doctrines:Ratling Squads, Grenadiers,

    HQ: Command Platoon 131pts
    Command Squad- 131pts
    Heroic Senior Officer- With Plasma Pistol, Bolter, Carapace Armour & Surveyor
    Master Vox, Standard Bearer & Grenade Launcher

    Elites: Ratling Squad 110pts
    10 Ratlings

    Hardend Veterans 132pts
    9 Veterans, Missile Launcher, 3x Plasma Guns, vox
    Veteran Sergeant with Surveyor

    Troops: Grenadier Squad 125pts
    10 Grenadiers, 2x Plasma Guns, Vox

    Grenadier Squad 125pts
    10 Grenadiers, 2x Plasma Guns, Vox

    Grenadier Squad 125pts
    10 Grenadiers, 2x Plasma Guns, Vox


    at the moment im in the Process of Making Plastic Storm Troopers to stand in as the Grenadiers pics will be up as soon as i can find my Camera.

    the Ratlings will Probly end up being modled in a strange fashion with Chef hats and aprons moddled on to them (Their good cooks)

    im also Considering taking the list to 1000pts and using a TechPriest as a sort of Paymaster and using Servitors as his Sleepless Body Guard.

    Chaos: 1000pts (working on now)
    Guard: 2250pts
    Lizardman: 2000pts

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    In such a small list the HSO isn't particularly needed. If you want one for fluff reasons a JO with HI would work well. the carapace will make him stand out as well so you may want to get rid of this. I know you want it fluffy so perhaps a trademark item may be a better choice?

    As for the grenadiers they have no way to hit the enemy. I like the idea of the vets and they seem competitive. The grenadiers (or at least one unit coudl do with a chimera
    chimera with multilas and heavy bolter with smokes and extra armour for 93 pts is always a good choice. It could lead to some interesting modelling as well.

    if you do take it up to 1000 points tehn I highly recommend getting your grenadiers in chimeras. smaller squads work well too so perhaps 8 man squads will save soempoints for a chimera.

    apart fromthat they seem like a nice fluffy force.

    hope that helps


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