Hey guys. My local gaming group has developed a new mission called "the beachhead". We're still working out the kinks, but in gereral, it's much like D-Day for the Americans.

The Board: The mission is played on the 6'-0" length of the board, the first 2'-0" being "ocean", and used by the boats, the 2nd 2'-0" being the beach (small cover, tank traps, razorwire, etc), and the final 2'-0" being city.

The Mission: It's a 4-person mission, with 2 attackers, 2 defenders. The defender is at the last 2'-0" of the board (the city), and they each get 1000 pts. They have to stay alive as long as possible, to the last model. Anyone who hides units in a cowardly manner is made fun of unmercilessly. The attacker gets 2000 pts each, all models start in reserve and arrive on a 5+ first turn, 4+ second, etc. Anyone who hides from the attackers is also mercilessly attacked verbally. Any unit that is reduced to 0 models goes back into reserve (4+ to come in). There is no deep strike, no infiltrate, and all models must come across the water via a AV14 "boat" with no weapons (think landraider with no guns). A sunk boat puts the unit back into reserve.

We play all comers lists, so I don't know who I'll be facing necessarily, but I think I'll be teaming up with the nefarious eldar. I don't know who I will be fighting. It's a friendly gaming circle, but one where we each like to win as long as we don't cheese it out too badly (2 lash lists are encouraged, for instance).

My List:
The idea is templar horde in 3 waves, so I have 89 infantry models, ranging from shooting to assault. The first wave is the (3) jump infantry units, and they will try to tie up shooty/important units and are a bit more throw away than the later waves. The 2nd wave is my (3) 15-man crusader squads who will be the punch whever they are needed, and the 3rd wave are my (3) shooter units who will... ah... shoot. Hopefully the Reserve rules won't mess with this plan too much, but whatever. Vehicles are effectively hampered in this mission because of the heavy amount of tank traps in the middle 2'-0" of terrain, but I am free to take them. Hopefully the boys in black can get across the board and still pack enough of a hit to cause some havoc.

Marshal - 180 (Lightning Claws, Holy Orb of Antioch, Terminator Honors, Iron Halo & Jump Pack).
I took a marshal because I need his leadership for the inevitable RZ tests that I'll be taking, plus, there is nothing like him having 6 attacks on the charge to cause some havoc. He'll run with my first line (assault marines).

Emperor's Chump... er... Champion - 140 (Accept Any Challenge)
This guy sucks in his current incarnation, and is basically a glorified veteran sergeant, but I have to have him. So, I figure hitting on 3+s is pretty good, although I might switch it out for the +1S, -1I vow.
Crusader Squad 1 - 235 (10 Initiates [8 BP/CCW], 5 Neophytes [5 BP/CCW], 1 PF, 1 MG)

Crusader Squad 2 - 235 (10 Initiates [8 BP/CCW], 5 Neophytes [5 BP/CCW], 1 PF, 1 MG)

Crusader Squad 3 - 235 (10 Initiates [8 BP/CCW], 5 Neophytes [5 BP/CCW], 1 PF, 1 MG)
I love the 15-man squad. I think that these will form my second wave, being a bit slower than the assault marines. They usually get a pretty good reaction from my local gaming group (either big eyes or a scary smile), so we'll see what happens with them. They are my backbone.

Crusader Squad 4 - 117 (6 Initiates [4 Bolters], 1 Lascannon, 1 PG)

Crusader Squad 5 - 117 (6 Initiates [4 Bolters], 1 Lascannon, 1 PG)

Crusader Squad 6 - 122 (6 Initiates [4 Bolters], 1 Plasma Cannon, 1 PG)
This will be my third wave, and sit back, firing away at any hard targets, and get sucked ahead by the RZ movements. Hopefully, they can cause just enough damage to vital targets that can cause lots of damage to my footsloggers/assault marines.

Assault Squad 1 - 207 (8 Marines, 1 PF, 2 PP, 2 Combat Sheilds)

Assault Squad 2 - 207 (8 Marines, 1 PF, 2 PP, 2 Combat Sheilds)
These guys are here to just cause havoc wherever they hit, so the CSs are there to extend their life a bit, and keep them in CC.

Assault Squad 3 - 198 (8 Marines, 1 PW, 2 Flamers)
These guys are as an experimental unit, who will target infantry and light infantry. I always run a PF in my units because of fearlessness in CC, but here, I'm trying something a bit different. We'll see how it works.

TOTAL - 1993

Thoughts, comments & suggestions? Anything at all is welcomed.