Hello all, thanks for looking.

Let me briefly explain what I'm doing here. As the picture of the impending 5th gets clearer and clearer I am coming to terms with the fact that my main army, Saim-Hann eldar, is likely to become redundant. So I'm looking for a fluffy and small army that I can make to replace my pointy eared friends.

After doing some searching I hit upon this excellent tactica (or specifically, this GK army list) which I recommend looking at. The main thing that hooked me was the idea of successfully using multiple land raiders in standard sized games. However, I'm not a fan of GK armies (far too much Grey - funnily enough) so I've quickly knocked up this list using the Deathwing, hoping to capture some of the versatility of the GK list.

This is also my first DA list.

So without further ado:


Belial - 130pts


Deathwing Termi Squad 1 - 275pts
Deathwing Standard
Heavy Flamer

Deathwing Termi Squad 1 - 235pts
Cyclone Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad 1 - 120pts
Sarg w/ Power Weapon
Plasma Gun

Razorback 1 - 50pts
H. Bolters

Tactical Squad 2 - 105pts
Plasma Gun

Razorback 2 - 80pts

Heavy Support

Land Raider - 250pts

Land Raider Crusader - 250pts

Total: 1495 pts

Right, so there it is. I realize that the common consensus is that Land Raiders are simply a points sink. However, the initial tactica made a good case for the idea that 1 will never work, whereas 2 or more will! I would really love to see these things made usable!

Obviously a major weakness of this force is its lack of bodies. At 21 infantry it is very light on the ground. However if, as is suspected, only infantry troops will be scoring units in 5th ed. (regardless of their remaining unit size) then we have 4 scoring units out of a possible 6. And all of them have a certain amount of staying power - certainly they will be hard to eliminate. All of the have the mobility to get to objectives

This is not a force for direct, one on one, confrontation. However, given the armys small size, it should be possible to its vehicles to get it into a position where it can take the enemy on piecemeal - where it should excel.

Anyway, all comments and criticisms are welcome. Lets see if this idea can stand any scrutiny!