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    1850-shooty marine list

    I need some opinions on this list i'm taking to a tourney:

    Master commander
    double claws
    arty armor
    combat shield

    Master of sancity
    adamantine mantle
    thunder hammer
    arty armor
    terminator honours

    X3 8 man tactical squads w/ las,plas,fist and bolters

    X2 10 man devastator squads w/ 4 heavy bolters and 6 bolters
    X1 10 man devastator squad w/ 4 lasys and 6 bolters

    fast attack
    X3 land speeder squadrons w/ assault cannon/heavy bolter

    i was thinking of dropping the 3rd tact for a veteran squad to give me more close combat support any thoughts?

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    i actually wrote this down yesterday but LO went down for me when i was about to post so here goes;

    would be nice with some points/unit so that we can check if your points set are right. :>
    anyway here goes:

    i take it this is a no traits army? your army right now is very static apart from the landspeeders and chaplain on bike. i dont know what resources you have but just having the devastators sitting in your deployment zone makes it very hard for me to suggest putting your tacticals there aswell. ill suggest some things that would require as little change as possible.

    ill start from the bottom;
    landspeeder squad; vicious, be prepared for cheese-screams. solid unit.

    drop 2 bolter marines from each of the devastator squads for efficiency and to save points. 1 bolter marine / heavy weapon marine to absorb wounds is a good rule.

    tactical squads:
    you need to define these squads roles. i would suggest splitting them up into these setups:
    5-6man lascannon (plasma)
    10man fist (plasma)

    1-2 lascannon squads and 2+ 10man fist squads. decided where you want to put the plasma, either with the static small squads or with the advancing bigger ones. i would opt for the advancing ones.

    chaplain. this guy is overloaded with stuff. there's nothing wrong with a chaplain on bike, but you dont want him going tank hunting with a thunder hammer. drop the mantle, hammer and armor and give the guy some frag grenades. also, either give him a bike squadron to hang out with or drop the bike idea completely and slap a jump pack on him and put him in an assault squad.

    master commander at this time is a waste of points. he is too slow and has no supporting unit. you dont REALLY need the leadership bonus in the army, marines are fairly tought anyway. the best you can do is to drop this guy and use his points for other things.

    i hope i helped you out somewhat, the chaplain really needs some people for his litanies of hate to be more useful. the jump pack chaplain is very standard but efficient, the bike one is ok too but doesnt have the same number of bodies to shield him or for his litanies to empower.

    im worried about your mobility aswell, you have basically two footslogging tacticals with fists and a landspeeder squadron to grab objectives with unless you get a bike or assault squad, but even then it would still be low. even if no one is coming into your deployment zone head on with that many lascannons and heavy bolters pointed their way you will have trouble with a more mobile enemy who will choose when and where to strike.

    good luck and i hope you have fun in the tourney!

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