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    1750 Tourney List "Finishing Touches"

    Hey there, looking for some input and ideas on some changes for my list. I'm thinking of a few different options but I'll go through them at the end:

    1750 Points No Traits Competitive:

    Chaplain 166pts
    Lightning Claws
    Jump Pack
    Terminator Honours
    Frag Grenades

    5 Man Terminator Squad 220pts
    Assault Cannon

    Dreadnought 113pts
    Assault Cannon
    Extra Armour
    Smoke Launchers

    Dreadnought 140pts

    Twin-Linked Lascannon
    Missile Launcher
    Extra Armour

    10 Man Tactical Squad 190pts
    Power Fist
    Melta Gun

    10 Man Tactical Squad 185pts
    Power Weapon
    Plasma Gun

    8 man Tactical Squad 130pts
    Plasma Gun

    10 Man Assault Squad 261pts
    Power Fist
    Plasma Pistol

    2 Bike Attack Bike Squad 130pts
    2 x Multi-Melta

    8 Man Devastator Squad 215pts

    3 x Missile Launcher

    Total: 1750pts

    OK, the idea is that the devastators set up in my deployment zone and fend off what they can. Tacticals and dreads march up the field with chaplain + assault squad trying to get into CC as soon as possible or alternatively providing a counter attack element. Bikes go up the flank tank/character hunting.

    What I'm worried about is the support for the chaplain and assault squad since they are the only unit designed to charge. I could use the bikes in a pinch but hopefully the chaplain can hold his own with the claws.

    My previous list configuration was similar but instead of the PW+plasma tactical squad and the bikes I had 2 vindicators and infiltrate on the devastators (traits) but I figured my scoring unit count was too low as well as my mobility. However the vindicators would provide a wonderful firemagnet...

    Would love some input on this list as it seems there sadly isn't very much being handed out in this section so if you have any comment at all dont be afraid to drop a line.


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    I love the chaplain don't let people disuade you from that my chaplain armed the same way gets at least four kills per turn usually 5, The assault ermies look a little weak unless they are in a crusader usually they are just too slow. maybe swith up weapons oon the tac squads plasma gun or meltagun plus powerfist in every unit, and maybe some rhinos.
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