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    Please help - DH/Templar list

    I'm looking for some help making a decent list that uses the following -

    1 or 2 squads of PAGK
    1 squad Terminator GK

    And the rest BLACK TEMPLARS (HQ can be templar or GK, whatever would be cooler -- I was thinking maybe a Chaplain?)

    Why? I think it would look cool, and be somewhat fluffy. I already have the box of TermieGK and PAGK.

    1000-1500 points, preferably 1000ish, i'm doing this army because I like the models, but would like to play it every once in a while...

    Thanks in advance!!!


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    Well, in order to use BT rules, you'll need to make it a base BT army. That means you need a BT HQ and two BT Troop choices minimum, plus the obligatory Emperor's Champion. It also means that you should post this in the SM forum =).

    As far as what to include from the DH, I'd say take one squad of GKT, and one squad of PAGK as fast attack. That'll let both of them Deep Strike, which is quite fluffy and cool. Fluff-wise, a Chaplain leading the BTs seems the most appropriate choice. If Grey Knights are allied, that means that you're fighting daemons, in which case the spiritual leadership of the Chaplain seems the best fit to me. In order to include these elements, you're locked into the following:

    HQ - BT Chaplain, Emperor's Champion
    Troop1 - BT Crusader Squad
    Troop2 - BT Crusader Squad

    HQ (or elite) - BC+4 GKT ~ 250
    Fast Attack - FAGK ~ 250

    So you've probably got about 1000 points there already. Any remaining points you want to spend should go to tank-hunting options, as you've got pretty much nothing in the above that can touch mid-AV targets. The SM forum will be able to help you out better than we could for fleshing out the BT elements.

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