Ok i only got the codex a few days ago and that after not having anything to do with gamesworkshop for a year or two so if theres any major balls ups iill put it down to that :p

Azrael Supreme Grand Master 225pts

Interrogator Chaplin- Terminator Armour and Storm Bolter 145pts

2 x Tactical squad (5 man)- Razorback transport with Twin Lasconnons 170pts each 340pts total

1 x Tactical squad (5 man) - 5 Extra Marines 165pts

Deathwing Terminator Squad- 2 with lightning claws and 3 with Thunder Hammers 215pts

Heavy Support
Land Raider Crusader 250pts

Devastator Squad- 4 x Heavy Bolters 150pts

As you might guess Azrael and the Chaplin and with the termies and chucked into the Land Raider. using the Razorbacks and Dev squads for a bit more heavy firepower whilst the marines make up some numbers and can be used for pretty much anything.
I know its point heavy in one squad and this is the first time ive made and army list that way but ive seen a similar thing used with Grey Knights and thought id see what i could come up with here.
Remeber these are Dark Angels to their not a normal marine army these guys are kitted out as standard. Anyway thoughs info ect on a postcard :p