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    Shootier then Shooty 2500 Pts

    Master COmmander
    Jump Pack, Bionics, Meltabombs, POwer Weapon Bolt Pistol Frag Nades

    3 Dreadnoughts, twin linked LAscannons, Missile LAuncehrs

    4x 5 man tactical squads with one missile launcher each and a razerback w/ heavy bolter

    2x 5 man tactical squads with one missile launcher each and a razerback w/ lascannons

    2x 5 man assault squads, powerfists, furious charge

    3 Land speeder tornados, assault cannons, heavy bolters.

    2x Vindicators, PotMS

    Predator Destructer

    15 vehicles including landspeeders and walkers
    Target saturation ftw

    9x Missile Launchers
    5x Twin Linked Lascannons
    4x Twin Linked Heavy Bolters
    5x Heavy Bolters
    3x Assault Cannons
    1x Auto Cannon
    2x Demolisher Cannon
    all at LD 10

    'Kinda' shooty, but the counter assault is still there. THinking of swapping out one or both of the vindicators, I wanted them as anti-horde/heavy infantry assaults.

    How do you think it would do against a tau list, I mean, outshooting tau is kinda... but I figure they can only disable/damage about a 1/3rd of my firepower per turn assuming they do everything they want to, and when I strike back, hammerheads go down easy, crisis suits as well, mopping up devilfish and firewarriors aint difficult.

    What do you think?

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    Its a solid shooting list. Though Marines will never be able to out shoot the tau and IG, so if you think you can, give up on that now. You're best hope in these situations is to hit his infintry based units with your AS and knock down his vehicles with your shooting. A fast devilfish and a squad of rapid firing fire warriors will ruin a 5man marine squad's day. Your dreadnoughts will last about as long as butter on a hot plate against railguns.

    Other then that you should be able to do passibely well. Though Eldar tank corp will be a nightmare. Then again Eldar tank corp is always a nightmare...
    May the Emperor forgive you, for his servants cannot.

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