Wardens 7th Company 2000 point list

Master 115
Lightning Claw
Storm Bolter
Artificer Armour

Librarian Epistolary 169
Fear of the Darkness
Fury of the Ancients
Terminator Armour
Storm Bolter

Command Squad 209 Led by Master
Company Standard Bearer
Company Champion
Furious Charge

Terminator Squad 245 Led by Librarian
Assault Cannon
Cyclone Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad 180
Sergeant, Power fist, bolt pistol

Tactical Squad 150

Scout squad 147
Sniper Rifles
Heavy Bolter
Homer Beacon

Land Speeder 75
Multi Melta
Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder80
Assault Cannon

Assault Squad
Sergeant Power weapon, Plasma Pistol

Devestator Squad 175
heavy bolters x 2
Plasma Cannon x 2

Devestator Squad 185
Missile Launcher x 2
Lascannon x 2

Vindicator 160
Extra Armour
Hunter Killer Missile
Storm Bolter

I've also got the list setup so that I can drop pod the command squad, tact squads and the termies. Though I am not sure if I will be able to fit the librarian in the drop pod with the termies still haven't play tested this list but I am definitely hoping the land speeders will add some much needed mobility. Didnt add the jump pack chaplain so I may add another Tact squad. Give me any suggestions, thanks in advance.;?