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    70 (x2)

    1500pts friendly space marines (blood brothers)


    company master 175pts
    term armour
    master crafted lightning claws

    master of sanctity(atached to term command) 130pts
    term armour
    storm bolter

    term command squad 210pts
    4 terms
    2 asalt canons
    2 chain fists

    reclusiarch 87pts
    krak granades

    se or dont be seen(infiltrait)
    die standing(no drop pods)


    10 tactical 230pts
    vet sarge power fist
    multi melta
    melta gun

    10 tactical 230pts
    vet sarge pasma pist,power wep
    plasma gun
    heavy bolter

    5 scouts 103pts
    vet sarge teleport homer,combi melta
    misle launcher


    land speeder 65pts
    multi melta


    5 devastators 185pts
    4 misile launchers

    5 devestators 205pts
    2 heavy bolters
    2 plasma canons


    plz post your thoughts:party:

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    -10 (x0)

    First off not sure what you are going for in the HQ section. I assume that the Master is leading the command squad the the Chaplain is tagging along. Had to look again though lol. The Reclusiarch needs something though. A Pistol or a Storm Bolter if he's going to be on his own. I'd say Jump Pack and Bolt Pistol, very cheap and deadly model.

    I've never been one to mix around tactical squads like you have in here. Personally I'd break them into smaller squads. I don't really like the mixture of heavy, special assault, and power weapons in my squads. If I don't hit close combat then those 30+ points on power weapons were wasted, same for the plasmas and melta guns. Just my opinion there though.

    I like the scouts -the combi bolter...again Otherwise there layout appeals to me. Especially the Teleport Homer.

    The speeder is fun stuff but although it has a BS 4 I've found that I barely ever hit for as long as I get to use it. Throw on a heavy flamer and watch it able to multi task. Jet in, light a squad on fire, blast a remaining model. Then watch everything in the army shoot at it. Just because of a multimelta. It'll get their attention. But the only weapon that has actually payed for itself for me is the Heavy Flamer. Although if you get that shot at some back armour take it.

    Devistators w00t

    And fyi it's infiltrate

    Overall I like the list just small things that I don't believe in. Infiltrating is fun to work with. Try and get a squad like bikes or and assault squad to tie up the heavy weapons to protect your advancing troops.

    lance out
    Last edited by Master Lucius; May 24th, 2008 at 08:14. Reason: Removed original list
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