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    Pure SoB 1500 point Army

    Saint Celestine

    Inquisitor Lord
    +His will be done
    +Force Weapon
    +Plasma Pistol

    x9 Sisters Repentia
    x1 Mistress

    Vindicare Temple Assassin

    x6 Arco-flagellants

    Battle Sisters Squad (10)
    +Storm Bolter
    +Heavy Flamer

    Battle Sisters Squad (10)
    +Veteran Superior
    +Storm Bolter
    +Heavy Flamer


    Fast Attack:
    5 Seraphims
    +Melta Bombs
    +Twin-Linked Flamers

    5 Retributors
    +2 Multi-meltas
    +2 Heavy Bolters

    Total 1501

    Win Record (W/D/L) (2/1/1)
    Last Battle: 1v1 quarters
    My Army: Marines
    VS: Necrons
    Result: Win

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    Wow, ok this is gonna be a long one...

    St Celestine:
    I dont recomend taking her, if she dies once you lose D6 faith points, and for me thats just to much of a risk (keep in mind this loss if she is reduced to no wounds ONCE not after she fails her LD come back save). Id rather take a cannoness with some toys, its cheaper and if she dies its 2 faith points back!

    Inquisitor Lord:
    Got nothing against people taking a =I= Lord but i only grab the cheap one and thats just for my callidus . Anyway, it may be tempting to turn him into a CC badass, but he isnt, S3 T3 means he is gonna die and barely hurt anyone. I recommend making him shooty, take an ordo mallius =I= Lord, Pyscannon bolts, heavy weapon servitors, sages and some babies with wings (name escapes me but i know they let you ignore the first wound that turn).

    Sisters repentia:
    Look good on paper, all i have to say to you is T3 unit going last in CC with a 4+ save. Also on the way to combat they usually take heavy losses.

    These guys arnt bad, unfortunatly they are slow unless you use the injectors and then you can end up with a combat ineffective squad when they enter CC. But im dont have an opinion either way on these guys, its based mainly on luck.

    Vindicare assassin:
    Average game is 6 turns, that 6 shots. Not worth it in my opinion unless you are against an oppenent with the most tricked out seargents in the world, or he puts his heavy weapon squads out of cover. I dont like this guy if im honest. I recommend the Eversor or the Callidus. You havent seen someone annoyed unless youv seen one character walk through their gunline.

    All SoB squads should have a Vet, also dont take storm bolters. I recommend, giveing them a flamer and a heavy flamer or meltagun and heavy flamer and shoveing them in a rhino with extra armour and smoke. But if you want them footslogging then you will need more bodies in the squads.

    Tempting i know but with a Sisters army your focus is getting to rapid fire range as soon as possible (apart from Exos, Rets) and then unleashing divine guided hell. Not getting into CC (exceptions being Cannoness, Acos, repentia and Penitent engines), at the end of the day they are still humans just with fancy armour and bolters. I reccomend dropping this guy unless you decide to keep the repentia.

    Try and get the squad size up to 8, and give them 2 special weapons.

    If your gonna have 4 heavy weapons make sure there are 4 more people in the squad as extra wounds. Dont mix weapons in this squad, I have mine with 4 heavy bolters and it makes ork players flintch somthing fearce. I also dont like multimeltas on infantry because of the need to get so close. However this seems to be the one AT in your army.

    Which brings me to my next point.

    Exorcist are the best thing in the witch hunters list, i recommend you grab atleast 2 of them.

    Hope i helped and good luck.

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