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    1000 points BA successor

    Hi I used to play 40k for 3rd ed but then I dropeed out of the hobby and kinda never went back to 40k (a 10 year old throwing a tantrum scared me off). I was thinking with 5th ed coming round it may be time for me to break out my boys again. Im at uni at the mo so I dont have anything with me but I think this is what I had:

    1 Captain
    1 Librarian
    1 Chaplain

    10 man Tactical squad
    5 man Assault Squad
    15 (I think) Space Crusade Models (with attachable heavy weapons)
    5 Terminators

    I originally played as Dark Angels but I got bored quickly of not being able to shoot everything before it got to me in combat (I played orks a lot and got whipped) so Ive decided to scrap that and go for a Blood Angels successor chapter.

    This is 1000 Points of Brothers of Arterius.

    Chaplain Femoral (counts as Chaplain Lemartes)

    6 Death Company with Jump Packs

    10 Assault Marines
    5 Tactical Marines
    5 Tactical Marines
    5 Assault Marines

    Heavy Assault
    5 Devastators with 4 Missile Launchers

    Total 1000 Points / 37 Models / 22 with Jump Packs

    This means I dont have to buy anymore tactical squads for the moment and can spend my time buying and painting assault marines. I didnt incude the Termies because Im sure parts are missing and I really hate the models. Also 200 points is a big sink in 1000 points.

    Any comments and tips are a great help, I dont want to buy a load of stuff only to have it be useless (like I did when I bought 3 characters).

    Also I have 2 questions: can models in Jump Packs deep strike? and do GW sell Jump Packs on there own?

    Mucho Thanko

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    Hmm it seems nobody posted here yet, so let me be the first .

    Lemartes: Good, nothing wrong with him.

    Death Company: Well normall I'd like to see 10, but it's 1000 points so ok

    For the troops: They need upgrades bud. You can't have naked Marines go around. Sergeants need power fists or power weapons ( preferably Fists) Tactical Marines needs assault/ heavy weapons. It wouldn't hurt for Assaults to have plasma pistols either ( but don't worry about that).

    Devestators: Good, maybe you can drop one missle launcher to spare up some points.

    As for your questions. Yes they can ( using normal deep striking rules) And yes, they sell jump packs, but they are kinda expensive ( but them again, everything is there ) They come in packs of ten(10).

    Hope this helps


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