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Thread: 1500 Elites

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    57 (x3)

    1500 Elites


    -Storm Troopers
    -Rough Riders
    -Carapace Armour

    HQ - 290 Points

    Heroic Officer

    w/ x2 Anti-Tank Squads - x3 Las Cannons per Squad

    Elites - 405

    x10 Veterans - Carapace Armour, x3 Plasma Guns

    x10 Veterans - Carapace Armour, x3 Plasma Guns

    x10 Veterans - Carapace Armour, x3 Plasma Guns

    Troops - 390 Points

    x10 Storm Troopers - Infiltrators, x2 Plasma Guns

    x10 Storm Troopers - Infiltrators, x2 Plasma Guns

    x10 Storm Troopers - Infiltrators, x2 Plasma Guns

    Rough Riders - 405 Points

    x10 Rough Riders - Carapace Armour, x2 Melta Guns, Vox Caster

    x10 Rough Riders - Carapace Armour, x2 Melta Guns, Vox Caster

    x10 Rough Riders - Carapace Armour, x2 Melta Guns, Vox Caster

    Total Points - 1490
    # of Models - 107

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    39 (x2)

    You do not need Storm Troopers Doctrine to take Grenadiers. Take drop troops instead so that you can decide whether to Deep Strike Vets or Infiltrate them and make enemy thinks twice.

    Grenadiers can't Infiltrate.

    Veteran's nubmer should be reduced or you need to give them Lascannons.

    Reduce number of Grenadiers. They are 10 ponits and can do almost nothing compared to other armies infantry.

    Write down the costs. I Hope you included Carapace cost in Command Squad?

    Drop the Heroic Officer. He is going to do nothing. And he can't even give leadership to infiltrating squads! If you want to keep Grenadiers fighting exchange officer with Junior Officer and Standard Bearer. Cheaper, better, fluffier.

    Rough Riders NEED Hunting Lances. Drop the Vox Casters, you don't have command squad with vox. And They require Veteran sergeants with Power Weapons when in so big squads with Carapace.

    I hope you included Carapace cost in Lascannons.


    If you have points you can include further two TROOPS Storm Troopers Squads with Plasmas from Inquisition.

    One more thing - Even with Lascannons, you have poor Anti-Tank firepwoer. Give one squad of Veterans three Meltas and Power Fist with Honorifica Imperialis for sergeant and let them deep stirke near land raider/vehicle.

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    Mr Commisar to you Commisarlestat's Avatar
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    332 (x8)

    Right lets give a run down:

    Doctrines: the Stormtroopers doctrineisn't being used so can be dropped. Iron discipline or drop troops woudl fit in nicely.

    The HSo could be done with a JO and HI, its good to take advantage of but not essential. The problem with the squad is that they donthave a role really. The HSO gives leadership so where is his support? Commisar? Banner? vox network? perhaps give them a weapon as well a mortar would be best. Essentially it's a blank squad and needs some tweaking. There is a fine line in guard between too many upgrades and not enough.

    The support squads seem ok. If you are taking carapace then the whole army must have it that means the HQ and support squads as well. this will make them fairly expensive so think about placing the lascannons elsewhere.

    The squads have good weapons and carapace which can help however you have forgtotten two crucial things.
    1. method of delivery, very nice having those weapons but how are you going to use them? infiltrate perhaps? seems ok but drop troops may be a good back up.
    2. either way you go with deployment there is a problem with squad size. Why do you have ten men? points fillers? ablative wounds? both of these aren't particularly good reasons in a squad like this. A good size for infiltrate is about 6 or seven (a small number of ablative wounds I admit but they serve their purpose), drop troops = minimum to stop any nasty accidents in the descent.
    The other problem here is weapons variety which is a problem throughout the list and I shall return to it later.

    Firstly these guys cant infiltrate. this does mean they need a way of getting to grips with the enemy. the usual method for this is to use chimeras. it is effective and moderately cheap. A squad size of 5-7 will do well here as well. 10 is more acceptabel here when efficiency is taken into account but you need points for those chimeras.

    Fast Attack.
    Again the main problem is squad size. Rough riders are fairly decent sized models so a squad of ten is difficult to hide. These squads need to be nippy to run round the edges of the line to take out tanks. So reducing them to five man squads would be a good idea. However rough riders are better used as assault troops with lances, the cost vs power of the unit is incredible so do think about changing them.

    Overall I see a few big problems and a few more minor problems:
    1. squad size, the old min maxing is done for a reason and the current codex means that guard tend to have to do so. It is also fairly fluffy for guard to have oddly sized squads as these guys are veterans. The purpose of the units should be taken into account when thinking about this. For example the more likely a unit is to stand and hold a place the bigger it needs to be. The more it goes forward for the punch the smaller it needs to be. (this doesnt apply to assaulty types who need to be big to hit well).

    2. leadership. Not a big issue but not enough is made of the HSO if you arent going to be using him much then get a JO but I would recommend making the squad into more of a useful unit.

    3. The spread of weapons. At the moment you rely on youre worst shots for anti tank. this isnt so much of a problem yet it means your anti infantry is plasma. Which is good against marines but will really hurt you against say nid swarms or other IG.
    To fit in with your list more maybe think about swapping out those lascannon squads for a double lascannon sentinel squad. yes this does reduce your firepower but it does save points as well.

    4. Getting to grips with your enemy. I understand the basic tactic of infiltrate . Unfortunately this is negated by the illegal infiltrate on the grenadiers. Also you may play a mission without infiltrate therefore nullifying your plan. SO you need chimeras for your grenadiers to get them into range.

    List of things to do.
    1. add carapace tot he HQ
    2. give the HQ purpose
    3. take off the illegal infiltrate
    4. reduce the squad sizes
    5. get some anti infantry in there (getting chimeras will do this pretty well)
    6. get lances on most of the rough riders or drop/ reduce squad size drastically.

    Hope that helps


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