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    2,850 1st Blood Angels list

    I run a DIY chapter, and- although it is descended from the Imperial Fist geneseed, it is so far removed that their tactical evolution has brought them more in line with the Blood Angels codex. So, I tried creating a list using the BA Dex just to see what would happen. I tend to play Cities of Death more than actual field battles, if that matters at all to anyone.


    10 Tactical Marines: 205
    Flamer, missile launcher
    10 Tactical Marines: 215
    Flamer, missile launcher, sarge with BP&PW
    10 Tactical Marines: 215
    Flamer, missile launcher, sarge with BP&PW

    5 Assault Marines: 155
    Power Weapon
    5 Assault Marines: 150
    Combat Shield
    5 Assault Marines: 165
    Power Fist


    Venerable Furioso Dreadnaught: 135
    Extra armor
    Venerable Dreadnought: 160
    Extra armor

    10 Elite Assault Marines: 305
    Plasma weapons, power weapon, remove JPs, Rhino transport

    10 Death Company: xx

    Techmarine: xx


    5 Honor Guard: 250
    Melta-bombs, company champion, company standard, power weapon, power fist, jump packs

    Chaplain: 120
    Jump Pack
    Chaplain: 125
    Terminator Armor

    Fast Attack

    Land speeder: xx
    Land speeder: xx

    Heavy Support:

    Whirlwind: xx
    Vindicator: 150
    Extra armor, storm bolter, dozer blade
    Baal Predator: 150
    Extra armor, storm bolter, extra armor

    This army is really my first attempt not only at BA, but also at getting back into 40k for the summer, after a long and angry hiatus. I know some of the choices might seem odd at the moment, but it's just using models from my collection. Critics welcome- and needed

    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    Hey Sarathai,

    Nice big list here, a few thoughts:

    You could use some mobile cover for your Assault Troops, so your list might benefit from Rhinos w/ Extra Armor with each of your Tac Squads.

    Also, the RASs I think would do well moving together with 3x PFs instead of the set up you have here with PW/PF/Combat Shield.

    Land Speeders are now over priced compared to Attack Bikes with MMs (Its a free upgrade for BA now) So you might be able to squeeze your points a bit farther with Attack Bikes in Squads of 1.

    Lastly, the points in your honor guard might be better spent on a second Veteran Assault Squad. Honor Guard has worse weapon choices and you are gonna be hard pressed to see them out perform a VAS unless they have the Chapter Standard (which they only get with Dante) So Dropping one of your Chaplins and his Honor Guard and picking up a VAS would Probably help you eek out some points for those Rhinos.

    Hope that helps,

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