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    Black Templars 1000pt friendly

    Im pretty new to this army so heres my list
    The emperor's champion + Accept any challenge no matter the odds

    235 pts

    5 initiates + plasma cannon
    Razorback + lascannon + smoke launchers


    5 initiates + plasma cannon
    Razorback + lascannon + smoke launchers


    5 Assault terminators
    ( All with lightning claws)

    200 pts

    7 sword brethren
    All with frag grenades
    All infiltrate
    + Lightning claw
    + Power weapon

    180 pts

    Total: 1001 pts

    So thats all, and i have some clarifications.
    If i attach the reclusiarch or my emperors champion to any of my initiate squads, will they still be able to board the razorback transport?
    And, on the codex they state on fast attack section that there is an initiate biker and an attack bike. So do i add their pts together when i use them? Im pretty confused here.
    And pls feel free to offer comments.
    Personally, i felt that the lrc was abit to cost heavy and could seriously compromise my army size. Kinda bad, especially against nids, wheregenestealers basically swarm the light outta me.

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    Firstly about the list...

    Interesting list I am curious what you plan with the assault Terminators? Are they going to walk up the battlefeild, if they were normal terminators I could understand as they can shoot but assault terminators can't.

    I am curious what you plan with your Tactical squads and Razorbacks. Are they going to sit back and shoot? If you move them then you will only be able to fire the lascannons and you won't be getting much for your plasma cannon. If you want them in a Razorback I would drop the plasma cannon for a Plasmagun or meltagun.

    Personally I prefer to take bigger squads of marines as 5 man squads can be killed off quickly.

    Sword brethern are an interesting one in the list. I say this as with infiltrating they will get ahead of your force and then be overwhelmed if you aren't too careful.

    Generally there feels as though there is a lack of numbers in your army. In 1000 pts you are feilding 24 infantry and 2 light tanks... Just doens't seem to have the body numbers and the scoring units.

    I would be tempted to drop the Terminators for another tactical squad. Mainly because they feel a bit out of place. That would also give you some more body numbers. That is just a thought though for you.

    With the Emperors Champion and the Chaplain they can join the units in the Razorbacks at the start of the game in deployment although they are still deployed as a HQ unit as such. If that Makes sense?

    With the attack bike addition to a bike sqaud you basically pay the points for the attack bike as normal although it is part of that squad for all intents and purposes and you can only have one in a bike squad.

    I hope that helps you somewhat.
    There is nothing more annoying when your Wyches with Plasma Grenades get "Always strikes First" for their combat drugs!

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