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    1000pts Ravenwing newbie list

    Hi all,

    Bought a load of Ravenwing and the DA codex today and have been coming up with ideas for a balanced 1000 points list. The idea is to have a separate Deathwing attachment at 500pts that can be added for larger games, teleporting in. Suggestions more than welcome!

    Master of the Ravenwing
    Land Speeder

    6-Bike Attack Squad
    2 Plasma Guns
    Vet with Power Weapon

    6-Bike Attack Squad
    2 Plasma Guns
    Vet with Power Weapon
    - Attack Bike attached
    Multi Melta

    Fast Attack
    10-Man Assault Squad
    2 Plasma Pistols
    Vet with Power Weapon

    That should equal roughly 1000 points, I don't have the Codex at hand to check. Might have to drop the Attack Bike or minimise the Assault Squad to make it fit.

    Other ideas:
    - Perhaps swap the Power Weapons on the vets to Power Fists for armor busting, the 'Melta on the attack bike is looking quite lonely
    - Swap the Assault Squad out for a squadron of Assault Cannon or 'Melta Landspeeders?

    Deathwing Attachment, roughly 500 points

    5-Man Deathwing Terminator Squad
    2 Lightning Claws, 2 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield

    5-Man Deathwing Terminator Squad
    2 Assault Cannons, 2 Storm Bolters/Powerfists


    Bear in mind, first time running Dark Angels here. I know the Ravenwing list isn't purely Ravenwing due to the Assault Squad. Any suggestions welcome, I could use them...

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    Why is Sammael in a land speeder? I dont have the codex in front of me but I seem to recall his bike being a better choice, or at least an equal one. And regardless the mini is pretty damn cool.

    You might want to go with a Tact squad with a Missile launcher or Lascannon as your pretty light on high strength weapons and you have plenty of fast movers already.

    As for your termies, the assault squad looks good, but you can only have one heavy weapon per squad per the DA codex.

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